Neighborhood Resistance Parade

Sat, 12/01/2012 - 2:30pm - 4:30pm
39 Aberdeen Street
Atlanta, GA
United States

The fight for 39 Aberdeen is still strong but we realize that a fight for one house won’t be enough to keep the banks and the businesses from taking over our neighborhoods and kicking us out.

As more and more young professionals move into our neighborhoods, we are driven out of our homes and communities in the interest of making a profit. In order to fight back, we have to connect with those around us who are being attacked by the same enemy.

This event is meant to be festive and fun. We are showing our strength in the refusal to be pushed out and replaced by wealthier families. We will stand together with our neighbors, friends, and allies and celebrate our collective resistance and power.

We will be meeting up at 39 Aberdeen in the Edgewood Community at 2:30 pm to start our parade around the neighborhood.

Bring your friends and family. Bring noise makers, banners, signs or even make a float.

Our collective power can be found in breaking down barriers between neighbors and others around us, so let’s come together and resist these attempts to gentrify our communities and displace us.


Re: Neighborhood Resistance Parade

Truly, there is no such object as a "community." Communities are abstract, vague, and often just used for scoring political points in the news. But I'm not sure that "make friends, not communities" is better advice. They're both used by the liberal individualist and state whenever convenient.

Re: Neighborhood Resistance Parade

There is not "Edgewood Community" - just ask a neighbor!

I support this action, totally, but I wanna make sure anarchists understand that we can't use liberal discourse about false cohesion and "community" to be synonymous with nieghborhoods.