An Atlanta Ⓐnarchist Assembly

Sat, 12/01/2012 - 5:00pm
Coan Park
1530 Woodbine Avenue SE
Atlanta, GA
United States

To Atlanta's anarchists and the anarcha-curious:

The next Atlanta Ⓐnarchist Assembly is scheduled for Saturday December 1st at Coan Park. Mark your calendars and please help spread the word as these assemblies are always best when a plurality of anarchist perspectives are represented. Lets continue to reach out to anarchists and anti-authoritarians outside of our usual social circles.

The assembly will maintain:

- A rejection of all forms of hierarchy, including capitalism, patriarchy, white supremacy, heterosexism, and party based politics.
- Support for organizing on a non-hierarchical basis that promotes autonomy, solidarity, and the agency of those affected by each decision.
- Working actively to build relationships and institutions that are based on equality, self determination, mutual aid, and sustainability.

People who exhibit oppressive behavior will be ejected from the assembly.

As always, this assembly will not be a decision-making body. The assembly does not have the power to block any of the projects or proposals presented - although debate and criticism is always encouraged. The Ⓐnarchist Assembly is a space to facilitate the exchange of ideas and a space to spark new collaborations. it will not create platforms or manifestos.

The assembly is what you make of it.
Participants should come prepared with:
Report backs
Old projects
New projects
Topics of interest
Topics to debate
Also consider bringing things to share such as zines, flyers for upcoming events, food, etc.

Please developed your concrete plans and ideas outside of the assembly and have them ready for presentation or wait till the break out session to get with people about solidifying your ideas so as not to slow down the assembly.
Also, please avoid bringing up basic desires and hopes without a plan to realize them. (in other words, it isn't helpful to say "wouldn't it be cool if", or "someone should do".)

Organizations, collectives, and groups:
Please bring whatever literature you might want to share and try to come ready to present new projects or ways in which people can get involved. Also, please consider coming with ideas for future collaborations with other anarchist groups and collectives.

There will be no formal moderation or facilitation or stack. (Although stack can be kept if necessary, depending on the size of the group)
Please try and practice "step up step back" at the assembly. That is: If you've already had the chance to speak, please be conscious and respectful of others trying to speak by not taking up to much space or time.
If you're the type of person who finds themselves commenting in between each speaker - be conscious of that and try not to during the assembly.
Likewise, if you're the type of person who usually does not speak at these sorts of events, we encourage you to engage in the conversation.

Disclaimer: This is a public call to an open meeting, expect to discuss topics in a way that maintains a culture of security, as this will not be a secure space.

Some Ⓐnarchists


Re: An Atlanta Ⓐnarchist Assembly


Regardless, it was a good discussion that, I feel, revealed actual distinctions in temperament at the very least. Whether or not we are leftists actually does inform how we are gonna move forward and I think that became evident with tonights exciting discussion!

Re: An Atlanta Ⓐnarchist Assembly

Re: An Atlanta Ⓐnarchist Assembly

Proposal for a debate at the Dec 1st anarchist assembly:
(Posting this here just to let folks know about a debate that others in the milieu have asked we get into at this up coming assembly.)
Some folks have lamented that the Anarchist Assemblies are starting to become nothing more than an in person reading of the Atlanta Indy Media calendar. I agree with this sentiment. Announcing projects, dates, events, etc. is really the bare minimum that one should expect from an anarchist assembly but the bare minimum does not encourage an exchange of ideas or contribute to a vibrant and challenging anarchist milieu.

The folks proposing this idea along with myself and many others with which I've had in person conversations would like to see a more critical engagement from anarchists in Atlanta. We'd like to foster an atmosphere of friendly debate within our milieu. There are events planned in the next few months (such as a Salon next month, a potential anarchist conference and more) that aim to build on this but we'd like to get into the practice of challenging one another and pushing and encouraging each other now as opposed to later.

The Proposed topic for debate: The left and leftism.
Do anarchists belong in the left or has the time come to abandon the left all together? What does that mean?

Proposed reading for this debate: Wolfi Landstreicher's From Politics to Life which can be found here

Please don't feel that you have to agree with this piece in order to engage in this debate. In fact, if you disagree, we hope you'll be part of the conversation as we'd rather not talk in circles.


Last winter, it seemed that anarchists in Atlanta had something going for themselves. Something different. There was an occupation, dozens of actions and attacks, antagonisms, and a general break with the routine many of us got comfortable with in the years preceding. Now that the occupation is over and the anarchist milieu in Atlanta has experienced several fractures, it seems that once again some tendencies are playfully experimenting with what some of us call "activism." This isn't unique to Atlanta. Several comrades from other cities have lamented that those they found affinity with in action have also reverted to a typical leftist perspective and have gone back to taking on an activist practice in their respective cities.
The topic of "Identity Politics" seems to be a hot button issue among anarchists in general.
Atlanta has also just recently seen a resurgence of left anarchist ideas flooding the milieu with groups like Heat Index, the Atlanta chapter of The Industrial Workers of the World, and On Our Own Authority Publishing and etc.
There are going to be more than just two sides to this discussion and that's a great thing. We need more of that.

See yall Dec 1st.

Re: An Atlanta Ⓐnarchist Assembly

Please come prepared to engage in principled critque. We must work towards a larger Atlanta radical group accountability so that we can move forward in a strategic manner and organize the toiling masses.