Atlanta Anarchist Assembly

Sat, 09/01/2012 - 5:00pm
Coan Park
1530 Woodbine Avenue SE
Atlanta, GA
United States

Calling all anarchists and the anarcha-curious,
It's time once again for our quarterly Anarchist Assembly which will be held on Saturday September 1st at Coan Park.
We've waited three months between assemblies so lets make this one worth the wait.

Come prepared with: 
Report backs 
Old projects 
New projects
Topics of interest
Topics to debate

Organizations, collectives, and groups:
Please bring whatever literature you might want to share and try to come ready to present new projects or ways in which people can get involved. Also, please consider coming with ideas for future collaborations with other anarchist groups and collectives.

As usual, the assembly will not be a decision-making body but rather a space to facilitate the exchange of ideas and spark new collaborations. it will not create platforms or manifestos. Stack will be taken but there will be no formal moderation or facilitation.

The assembly will maintain:
- A rejection of all forms of hierarchy, including capitalism, patriarchy, white supremacy, heterosexism, and party based politics. 
- Support for organizing on a non-hierarchical basis that promotes autonomy, solidarity, and the agency of those affected by each decision. 
- Working actively to build relationships and institutions that are based on equality, self determination, mutual aid, and sustainability. 

People who exhibit oppressive behavior will be ejected from the assembly.

Disclaimer: This is a public call to an open meeting, expect to discuss topics in a way that maintains a culture of security, as this will not be a secure space. 

Some Ⓐnarchists


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Does a male anarchist have an antistate gland rather than a prostate gland?

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It's a shame that this conflicts with DNC action time.

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Oh, I have enough self respect not to subject my self to Lenin or Mao.
Sucks to be you though.
Irrelavent and all.

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Sounds good.  Power forward.


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Anarchists are dumb.  Try reading some Lenin or Mao and see what you're missing out on.

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september 1st 2012


The date is correct.

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OP your dates are wrong... if you are gonna copy/paste atleast proofread it