Anti-Austerity March in Solidarity W/European General Strikes

Wed, 11/14/2012 - 6:00pm - 8:00pm
Freedom Park
Moreland Avenue Meet up on the Moreland side of Freedom Park
Atlanta, GA
United States

On November 14 there will be general strikes against austerity measures all over Europe. Portugal, Greece, Spain, Italy, and other European countries will be holding demonstrations to stand against the austerity measures that hurt working people, immigrants, and the youth.

The literal definition of austerity means to cut back on luxuries. However, the government makes 'austerity measures', they don't cut back on their luxuries, but instead cut our necessities - this includes housing, transportation, education, and healthcare.

We've seen how the city of Atlanta has attacked all of these sectors: through home evictions, incessant budget cuts to public schools, budget cuts to humanities programs in higher education, and tuition increases for working students. We've seen MARTA fares increase while the city of Atlanta refuses to better fund the transit system we have.

On November 14 we will rally in Freedom Park. This rally is a solidarity action for those struggling all over the world since the economic crisis began. We want it to be fun, festive, and bring your friends and family, signs, noisemakers, drums, anything you have to make noise and show we will stand up and fight back!