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Jubilee USA Files to Supreme Court in Landmark Debt Case 03/21/2014 Article
The Shortwave Report 3/21/14 Listen Globally! 03/20/2014 Article
Paraphysique del'épigénétique 03/20/2014 Article
Really Really Free Market 03/19/2014 Event
Second meeting of the Atlanta Books To Prisoner Program 03/17/2014 Event
Petition For HR 676 Single Payer Health Insurance Is Ready For You To Read 03/17/2014 Article
Noise Demo in Solidarity with Hunger Striking Immigrants in Tacoma, WA 03/17/2014 Event
Filipino Farmers to Aquino: Make Land Reform a Development Priority 03/17/2014 Article
We need to quit judging other people. It's time for some unity and respect. 03/16/2014 Article
Paraphysique de paradoxologie 03/15/2014 Article
The Shortwave Report 3/14/14 Listen Globally! 03/13/2014 Article
Philippines: Bill filed to close gender gap in politics and governance 03/12/2014 Article
Paraphysique de la haine 03/11/2014 Article
The Price of Bailout 03/10/2014 Article
This week's topic will be an updated version of my essay on "The Ticking Time Bomb of Inequality" 03/09/2014 Article
Paraphysique de la pathognomonie 03/09/2014 Article
Really Really Free Market / Food Not Bombs 03/07/2014 Event
Food Not Bombs 03/07/2014 Event
Food Not Bombs 03/07/2014 Event
Food Not Bombs 03/07/2014 Event
Information Security Study Group 03/07/2014 Event
Racism in the Netherlands/Party for Freedom, Wilders and the poison of racism 03/07/2014 Article
The Shortwave Report 3/7/14 Listen Globally! 03/06/2014 Article
96 Year Old Woman Is Looking For Her Adult Son 03/05/2014 Article
Global turn-around: to persuade Western Powers to adopt 'bottom-up' ethical human rights. 03/05/2014 Article
$7,000 Prize for Designing a Video Game to Prevent Violence 03/03/2014 Article
What God do you worship? Whether it's Jesus or not, you really should read this. 03/02/2014 Article
Free Market & future free Space in Reynoldstown! 03/02/2014 Article
L'anarchie de l'idéologie 03/01/2014 Article
The Shortwave Report 2/28/14 Listen Globally! 02/27/2014 Article
Indefinite global stagnation 02/27/2014 Article
Tractors Sabotaged for the ZAD, No TAV, Hambach Forest 02/25/2014 Article
Journey to the back of a black man's mind Chapter II 02/25/2014 Article
The 3rd anniversary of the Fukushima disaster is upon us, and it's in the Book of Revelation 02/23/2014 Article
ATL SNOWCRASH 2K14: a presentation on the SNOWMAGGEDON 02/23/2014 Event
A Creeping National Crisis Just Below their Active Consciousness 02/23/2014 Article
alternatives to suicide 02/21/2014 Article
The Shortwave Report 2/21/14 Listen Globally! 02/20/2014 Article
Paraphysique de blablalogie 02/20/2014 Article
Second meeting 02/20/2014 Event
Argentina Requests Supreme Court Reverse Federal Court Rulings that favor Predatory Hedge Funds 02/18/2014 Article
The $10.10 per hour minimum wage falls pitifully short. I would even call it a human rights violation. 02/16/2014 Article
Argentina Files Final Supreme Court Appeal in Global Hedge Fund Debt Case 02/14/2014 Article
The Shortwave Report 0/14/14 Listen Globally! 02/13/2014 Article
Small victories 02/13/2014 Article
Georgia Tech: Making Killer Robots 02/12/2014 Event
First meeting of the new forming Atlanta Books to Prisoners Collective 02/10/2014 Event
The gay marriage controversy and Progressive Christianity 02/09/2014 Article
human rights at U.S. and U.K. olympics 02/09/2014 Article
Akinyele Umoja's We Will Shoot Back: Armed Self-Resistance in the Mississippi Freedom Movement 02/06/2014 Article
Halitose 02/06/2014 Article
The so-called indignants protests : Potential, contradictions and perspectives 02/05/2014 Article
America's young adults are fleeing churches in droves. Why is this happening? 02/02/2014 Article
human rights inside u.s. jails 02/02/2014 Article
Akbayan welcomes Philippines-MILF deal with hopes for inclusive peace 02/01/2014 Article
Help with Medical Bills 01/31/2014 Article
The Shortwave Report 01/31/14 Listen Globally! 01/30/2014 Article
Verbatim 01/30/2014 Article
'Reason Lost' at UN which crosses line to authoritarianism and its not working. 01/27/2014 Article
If Jesus wrote a memo to the modern church, what would He say? If you think it's really bad, you're absoluutely right. 01/26/2014 Article
Jubilee USA Urges Business and Political Leaders at World Economic Forum to End Corporate Tax Avoidance and Support Responsible Solutions to Debt Crisis 01/24/2014 Article
Le fantôme d'Ernest Coeurderoy 01/24/2014 Article
The Shortwave Report 1/24/14 01/23/2014 Article
Déficit informationnel ou mur de Kardashev 01/20/2014 Article
IAAP Certification and Development Workshop 01/19/2014 Event
Reflections on the MLK holiday and rebooting his dream 01/19/2014 Article
Paraphysique de la procrastination 01/18/2014 Article
The Shortwave Report 1/17/14 Listen Globally! 01/16/2014 Article
Philippines: Communist guerrillas execute faction leader 01/15/2014 Article
Soft Science, Hard Time: The Expanding Sexual Regulatory State As Facilitated By Science-LIght 01/15/2014 Article
geral sosbee, POW. Update on decades of assaults by fbi, cia, dod, police, operatives 01/14/2014 Article
Chomsky's response to UN's 'Global Crime Against Humanity' and my reply. 01/14/2014 Article
Pope Francis Sends Poverty Message with Selection of New Cardinals 01/13/2014 Article
Supreme Court Decides to Hear Argentine Objection to Predatory Hedge Funds Targeting Argentine Assets Outside of United States 01/13/2014 Article
A Moral Outrage: Albert Woodfox’s 41 Years in Solitary Confinement, Despite Three Overturned Convictions 01/12/2014 Article
Japan's triple nuclear meltdown spells triple trouble for mankind, and we did it to ourselves 01/12/2014 Article
The Internationalist No. 36 is out! 01/12/2014 Article
Paraphysique de la hiérarchie 01/10/2014 Article
Black Liberation and Palestine Solidarity. 01/10/2014 Event
The Shortwave Report 1/10/14 Listen Globally! 01/09/2014 Article
Really Really Free Market / Food Not Bombs 01/09/2014 Event
Food Not Bombs 01/09/2014 Event
Food Not Bombs 01/09/2014 Event
Food Not Bombs 01/09/2014 Event
A Great World can be achieved by Great States ensuring ethical human rights. 01/09/2014 Article
Les neurones miroirs 01/07/2014 Article
Information Security Workshop 01/06/2014 Event
The legalization of pot in Colorado persuades me to re-post a book excerpt of mine about the futility of the Drug War 01/06/2014 Article
On 100th birth anniversary of Presiden Kim Il Sung 01/05/2014 Article
What people are not being told about GFC 2009 - West in 'permanent' decline 01/04/2014 Article
The Shortwave Report 01/03/14 Listen Globally! 01/02/2014 Article
L'échelle de Kardashev 01/02/2014 Article
Filipino solidarity activists call for genuine peace and democratization in Burma 01/02/2014 Article
Single Payer Health Insurance Is Good For You and Its Called HR 676 12/30/2013 Article
Instead of wishing for change, be the change you dream about in 2014 12/29/2013 Article
Police in Cobb County kill rapist 12/28/2013 Article
Amnésie antérograde majeure 12/27/2013 Article
The Shortwave Report 12/27 Listen Globally! 12/26/2013 Article