Anti-Gentrification Assembly

Sat, 08/03/2013 - 5:00pm
Coan Park
1520 Woodbine Ave SE, Atlanta, GA 30317
Atlanta, GA
United States

This assembly is intended to provide a place for discussion and planning in response to quasi-fascist elements organizing in East Atlanta neighborhoods under the guise of "Neighborhood Associations" and "Community" groups.

These groups tend to represent the interests of white middle-class property owners, especially those who are new to the neighborhoods. They act as proxies for the local police and explicitly target poor people and people of color. They are not shy about the fact that they target young black males, but often have these discussions with coded language that obscures their racism behind concerns about crime and "the criminal element."

These groups are encouraging people to install surveillance cameras on their porches to view the streets and to eventually be networked into the official law enforcement surveillance network. They are also attempting to start a "Security Patrol" which would hire off-duty police to harass black youth and provide special protection for people who pay into the security patrol.

Confronting this type of quasi-facist organizing is going to take creativity and commitment. It is our intention that this assembly concludes with solid ideas and commitments for counter-organizing, confronting, disrupting, and deligitimizing these groups.

*** This is not intended to be an authoritative or decision making body***

This is intended to be a space for discussion, strategizing, and networking.



a majority of the neighborhood would relate and join this cause i'm sure. let it be well attended.

this is a good idea

I will not be in town but this is a very cool idea.