Social Center Potluck and Meeting V

Sat, 03/02/2013 - 7:00pm - 9:30pm
Nice House - 55 Montgomery Street NE
United States
A coalition dedicated to opening a radical social center in Atlanta will be holding a potluck and open meeting.

*** This is a continuation of the last open meeting so the discussion will pick up where it left off and questions raised at the last open meeting will hopefully be answered. ***

Specifically, we will discuss: (Agenda)

Dinner at 7pm. Meeting will start at 7:30pm sharp.

- Open up a Bank Account to keep the funds
- The location of the Social Center
- The Name of the Space
- Business Model for sustaining the space

This meeting will be dedicated to updating the supporters of this social center on the work that has been done so far by those who are dedicated to the project. We will offer ways for others to plug in–both for those who would like to commit and become part of the team that is dedicated to this project, and for those who would like to help but can’t fully commit to helping plan for and operate the center. This will also be a space for input, so if you have concrete, developed ideas or questions about the center, please bring them to this meeting.

If you decide that you may want to commit to this project, please keep in mind the following:

■ This project does not belong to SWARM, but to whoever wants to work on it. So far, the Atlanta Free School and others are working together with SWARM.
■ This center will be run explicitly on anti-authoritarian, anti-capitalist, horizontal principles.
■ We will make decisions by consensus. To date, we have not used a formal meeting process, so don’t expect cumbersome rules and regulations; expect a sane, efficient meeting space and lots of good, vegan-friendly food. (Never meet on an empty stomach.)
■ In our meetings and in the center itself, we will not tolerate behavior that is authoritarian, sexist, or racist.
■ We hold each other accountable for the tasks that we commit to.
■ This is a long-term project. We hope to open a center no earlier than late 2013.
■ We are just regular people who want to see something done. We are not specialists. However, we will eventually be paying rent. This means that we need to be able to count on each other now and going forward. If you feel like this is too much commitment, please consider helping in a support role and coming to the open meetings.

If you would like more information about this project, would like to get on our mailing list, or would like to get involved, please contact


Re: Social Center Potluck and Meeting V

Let's call the space "The Alibi."

This will help to inform the use of the space as an epicenter of lawlessness and as one moment of anarchist joyous rebellion rather than as a sacred location to which all activity must be subordinate.