HELP the Atlanta Black Cross Get to Denver

Thu, 09/27/2012 - 9:00am - Mon, 10/15/2012 - 12:00pm
Atlanta, GA
United States


We are currently raising money to send members of the Atlanta Black Cross to the Black Cross Conference in Denver. We are hoping to raise $500 to send a few members there.

To Donate:

We would like to go to this conference because we feel that it is a great way for those involved in prison support work here in Atlanta to learn from others who are doing similar work. 

There will be organizations from all over the United States as well as other countries and we hope to connect with them not only to learn but to share our experiences here in Atlanta.
In addition to other organizations there are also many freed political prisoners who will be in attendance and we hope to learn from them how to better support political prisoners and how to fight back against State repression. In this increasingly tense political climate we realize the necessity of this type of work and we would like to create a strong network of support for those in Atlanta as well as those facing political repression all over.

If would like to help us get to Denver we will greatly appreciate it and do our best to bring back information to help make the Atlanta scene a little bit stronger.

Until Every Cage is Empty,



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I dont even know if that is a serious statement or sarcasm. 

You troll have befalled me

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Sooo happy people are weary of discussing anything online and ask those seemingly with concerns to talk to them in person.

- a jewel bellied troll

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It is very difficult to distinguish legitimate concerns from the omnipresent article trolling that's on this site, but I would like to try to address some of the comments.

First, Thank you for appreciating the closing line. i think it simply states a part of the personal goals and desires of  people organizing aroung the ABC project.

Second, the decision to keep the word Anarchist out of the name had little to do with the rumor you heard/ whatever word on the street is. The choice was simply stylistic. In the opinion of those involved Atlanta Anarchist Black Cross or AABC wasn't as nice looking/sounding as Atlanta Black Cross. The organization is still explicitly anarchist and functions as such. I hope that addresses any concerns. It was not our intent to distance ourselves from  that political ideology of its ideals.

In regards to our strategy for getting there.

1) We are pooling money amongst those involved with the project but if there are others that can help out it greatly helps to take some financial burden off of us.

2) We are in communication with people in Denver to get funds if necesssary. Since they are hosting/getting many groups out we cant to try and avoid taking too much funding from them so that they can use if for the various other costs they are taking on. 

Anyone who wants to raise other concerns about ABC or our projects is welcome to do so in person. Until then I hope that everyone understands that it's difficult to take anonymous internet comments seriously. Feel free to come to a letter writing and get to know us. 

Letter to Prisoners: Grand Jury Resisters and Cleveland 4

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I like your closing slogan of "Until Every Cage Is Empty".

What I don't understand, and would like to, is why you all call your organization Atlanta Black Cross instead of Atlanta Anarchist Black Cross as the conventional naming scheme for Black Cross projects would suggest.

I know there was this foolish idea going around these parts that we should work with authoritarians as long as they called themselves anti-capitalists. I suspect that's why Anarchist was left off the name of this organization. Now that we're past that certain delusion maybe Anarchist can find a place in your name?

Authoritarian socialists of all stripes are categorically not for the emptying or razing of all cages. Afterall, for Lenin, the State consists of

"...special bodies of armed men having prisons, etc., at their command."

Anways, your closing slogan made me think of this. I hope you all make it to Denver (and back!). Good luck!

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DABC seems to have their shit together.

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Interesting... Just want to note that @tlanta is doing these things.

Atlanta Leninists are trying to figure out how to get things done since bossing others around has proven to be ineffective.


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Currently Atlanta is raising funds for:

1) Chris French still has $2,000 in legal expenses

2) SWARM social center

3) Anarchist Black Cross conference in Denver

anything else?

The legal expenses aren't super urgent but we will need to raise it in the next few months. The social center is obviously a collective project that has it's own fundraising strategy. The conference can probably get some money from DABC and maybe pool resources and then raise some as well. Maybe that's already happening?