Respect Black Life - I am Trayvon RALLY

Fri, 07/12/2013 - 7:00pm
First Iconium Baptist Church
542 Moreland Avenue
Atlanta, GA
United States

Mulawi Davis, Derrick Boazman and Reverend Timothy McDonald are putting this event on.

Says things about speakers. Probably gonna be just another speaking thing but decide for yourselves.


Wait for the verdict

People should keep their eyes on the trial. Verdict may be announced today. If there is a not guilty verdict, which is a huge possibility, or a manslaughter conviction then just get together  with some friends, go to a public area, and start rioting. Swarm an area with corporate and state-owned targets, wreck it to shit, and run away. Do this over and over again until there is enough people out to start controlling space.

Everyone is waiting for the signals of disorder to go out on Twitter and Facebook. Everybody is ready to fucking riot about this.