Atlanta Against Austerity 1st Meet-Up

Fri, 11/02/2012 - 6:00pm - 8:00pm
Dough Bakery
Across from the Inman Park MARTA Station
Atlanta, GA
United States

The occupation movement of last fall has ended. Regardless, the conditions that gave rise to it have remained fundamentally unchanged: the relative stability of the financial markets sits on atop a heep of austerity budgets.

The crisis continues to deepen. It remains obvious that any group of people who cannot afford to continue living will be forced to change themselves through annihilation or rebellion.

We hope to create a temporary organizing initiative in Atlanta to mobilize a general anti-capitalist fightback against austerity in the schools, health care, MARTA, the arts, and elsewhere. We do not seek a return to the pre-austerity era, but the crisis is making our lives unlivable. We hope to get together with others to increase our collective density and to create a public meeting space where others might get involved.

Please come join us for our first meet-up to create a regular meeting time/space for a new anti-austerity initiative in the post-Occupy doldrums.

We want others to feel ownership over this initiative and we encourage you to bring friends!



Patriarchy, white supremacy, hetero-sexism, homo/trans-phobia, ableism etc. will not be tolerated.


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you should never assume you know who made an anonymous post on indymedia. Or anywhwere.

Re: Atlanta Against Austerity 1st Meet-Up

This is Adam- I was trying to tell you guys about Webster Tarpley, remember? He's a larouchian, but his ideas are really really radical (for a statist). We were talking yesterday about addressing the utilitarian governing philosophy, and I think his rhetoric helps us. What do you guys think of the 1% Wall Street Sales tax?
We can talk about it on friday