Decadence of USA Government


Summary of my work to expose fbi/police homicidal agenda:




Beyond Surveillance

Beyond surveillance, secrecy and spying, the fbi/cia/nsa engage in torture, forced suicide and murder.


The breakdown of social order comes when the people discover that fbi/police/nsa/cia,etc. are run by criminals of the lowest order;  that their political Targets are innocent, that their prisoners  are largely  innocent by comparison and that in most instances the presumed gravity of the alleged offense by our brothers & sisters in the civilian population does not warrant the hostile actions taken against them (including killing, torturing, imprisoning) by thugs in blue who seek to form a police state. The collapse of USA is the result of the failure of the general population to hold the police community responsible for their crimes, coverups and brutality (physical & psychological).

"FUCK APD" graffiti spotted in Edgewood Courts, police investigating

383 Police were in Edgewood Courts this evening, taking photographs and asking questions about some graffiti that says "FUCK APD" on a wall near the playground, according to bystanders.  Copwatch received a call at 7:40 from someone who said police were at the playground photographing people.  The sidewalks also sported graffiti in the same color that said things like "1500 block".  By the time copwatch arrived, police were already gone. 

A few blocks away, at the corner of Foote and Wesley streets, the COPS unit of APD, responsible for making a show of "community outreach" was stationed all day with two vans and multiple cars, and a table set up.  No one approached or spoke to them that copwatch members are aware of.

New Materials for the Eager Combatant


May 3, 2013

New Materials for the Eager Combatant

In light of recent anti-police activity here in Atlanta, we present a newly formatted version of the essay “Don’t Die Wondering: Atlanta Against the Police Winter 2011-2012.” The essay, which first appeared on a local blog seven months ago, catalogues a series of anti-police actions taken in Atlanta. “Don’t Die Wondering” includes exciting report-backs from the events, an extensive timeline, analysis produced from participants of the struggle, and a few pictures. This version of the text has been re-edited and contains an afterword written this spring.

From the piece

Poster: It's Hot Out in Edgewood: Fuck the Heat

This poster is made to be printed on 11x17 paper and posted everywhere. Many have been posted in the Edgewood Court apartments alongside the poster "War in the Neighborhood." Some residents have responded favorably to the posters and they recieved mention in the press conference head-pig Chief Turner did on the riot that took place on April 9th.

Text from the poster:

"For the second night in a row, people confronted the police in Edgewood Court in response to endless repression, raids, and harrassment. The march at 5pm took on a different character than the previous standoffs with the police in Edgewood. This time, instead of waiting for the police to attack, people went out on their own terms.

Workshop: Don't Die Wondering: Atlanta Against the Police Winter 2011-2012

Sun, 12/16/2012 - 6:00pm - 8:00pm
The Teardown
80 Mayson Avenue Edgewood Neighborhood
Atlanta, GA
United States

In September 2011, a weak and inexperienced black bloc tore away from the ritual of Leftist political practice. Last winter, in the wake of a dying Occupy movement, dozens of Atlanta anarchists, anticapitalists and rebels participated in an unexpected surge of anti-police activity. This kick-started a roller coaster of experimentation and revolt which eventually crash-landed like a pair of sneakers on the windshield of a police cruiser 7 months later. Join some ATLiens in a discussion of these events, the energy that animated them, and the contradictions that ended it all.

Materials provided. We hope to offer our presentation and then have some constructive conversation.


Atlanta: a Report-Back from October 22nd March

291 At 4pm, on October 22nd, roughly 50 people congregated in Woodruff Park as a part of the annual day against “police brutality and the criminalization of a generation.” The gathering was diverse and there were a handful of faces covered in scarves and masks throughout the crowd.

For about an hour, speakers from the October 22nd Coalition gave speeches while others played drums or posed for pictures in front of the huge “Fuck the Police” banner. Around 5pm, the crowd began marching toward the Atlanta City Detention Center. Although the organizers initially attempted to keep the crowd on the sidewalk, several hooded ones, drummers and a few folks holding a red flag walked in the street. The rest of the crowd joined and flooded all four lanes of traffic just as the event organizers irrelevantly gave their approval.

Communique from Atlanta's FTP March - Jan 28th, 2012

On Saturday the 28th of January, we marched against the police. Some shit got vandalized including a MARTA station window and a police station.

Besides the recent string of police murders in Atlanta, we were motivated by a recognition that police accountability is impossible, that police exist only to protect the rich and powerful, that the state refuses to listen to polite or reasonable discourse, and that rage is the only language these pigs understand. Any continuation of racist, sexist, homophobic, or any other oppressive violence from the police will only fan the flames of anti-police sentiments in the city and should be expected to be met with retaliation. 

Police on a Murder-Streak

Last night, according to MSM sources, a 19 year old boy Ariston Waiters was shot to death by Union City Police.

Police say the boy was in a fight with an officer who then shot him.

Eye-witnesses, however, all claim that there was a fist fight and Ariston (not involved) began running when the police pulled up. The cops got out of their car and shot Ariston to death.

The mother now has to bury two sons as her other boy died in a car crash a few days ago.

Confusion about "bad apples" and who the police "serve and protect" should be basically cleared up at this point.

This is not a problem of police "brutality" - as if by the short-comings of individual officers could answer for this systemic assault. This is a problem of policing in general.

There is a Noise Demonstration outside of Atlanta City Detention Center on New Year's Eve at 9:30pm.

Atl Anti-Police March Nov.21

Tonight, Atlanta's campaign against the police continues.

An ongoing campaign to stop the police, who have been murdering Atlantans at an increasing rate recently, and who have been repressing Occupy Atlanta demonstrators, had a march today to commemorate the 5th year after the murder of 92 year old Kathryn Johnston. Demonstrators also remembered 19 year old Joetavious Stafford, killed by a MARTA cop on his way home from homecoming just last month, and Dwight Person who was executed by police in the service of a fraudulent no-knock warrant just 5 days ago. Demonstrators also cried the names of Oscar Grant and Sean Bell and reminded each other of the ongoing repression in Oakland, Seattle, Chapel Hill, Boston, New York, Cairo, Greece and around the world.

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