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Banner Drop in Solidarity With the PNW

238 Early this morning we dropped a banner over Freedom Parkway in Atlanta that read: FOR THE SILENT ONES <3, fuck grand juries @. We did this to show our love for those in the Pacific Northwest who are resisting the grand jury subpeonas there. May the revolt continue to spread in spite of repression by the state. Solidarity with all who rebel.

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Banner Drop in Edgewood Plaza

Today, around 1pm, when foot and car traffic is most heavy in the Edgewood plaza, a banner was dropped and hundreds of fliers were thrown down onto the parking lot to promote a march on July 27th against police violence. It was very quick and very easy. No arrests or detentions.

The Facebook Event:

Indymedia Page:

On Dekalb County Police:


Banner Drop - "Police Violence is Never and Accident"

Occupy Atlanta, Sunday November 6th, 2011


On Saturday, November 5th, the occupiers of Troy Davis Park were brutally evicted by the police in what was the biggest show of force by the police yet.


An evening that some predicted to ending with only a few symbolic arrests turned into a skirmish resulting in 20 arrests, at least one de-arrest, brutality, a cop running people over with his motorcycle and felony charges of aggravated battery and obstruction of justice for one masked individual.

For a more elaborate, and scathing, write-up on the night:


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