Class War

Paris Attacks - Bourgeois Terrorism

No, it is not a war. It is preparation for war, while the major states of America, Europe, Russia and Asia are already revving up the engines. Whether it's "terrorism" or "the war on terror", they both stand for advance notice of the coming war.

It is not the war of the Islamic State against the West. It is the war of competing imperialisms. Even if the perpetrators of this umpteenth act of terror are youths pushed to fanaticism, the instigators are to be found in the corridors of power of the state authorities of the entire world.
The Islamic State is not the expression of the impoverished classes of the Arab countries and it does not defend their interests. Nor does it even represent the armed force of Arab national bourgeoisies wishing to free themselves of foreign, ex-colonial or imperialist oppression.

Black Friday At The Walmart In Decatur, ga.


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Does your job provide you with enough income to support yourself and your family? Does your employer provide an affordable health care plan for you? Are you threatened with being fired if you make suggestions to improve the workplace or customer service? Does your employer value you as a human being? The answer to these questions is "NO" for many Walmart workers around the U.S. Walmart is the largest employer in America, yet 80% of it's employees are on either food stamps or some form of government assistance. And many have been fired for trying to join or form a union. On "Black Friday", Nov. 23rd, 2012, Walmart workers across America walked out in protest over wages and conditions at their stores and warehouses. In Decatur, Ga. union organizers, human rights activists and Occupy Atlanta held a rally in support of Walmart workers at their local store.

Massacre of striking miners in South Africa

    On July 18 the world bourgeoisie celebrated “Mandela Day”, established internationally by the UN in November 2009 under the sign of peace, freedom, reconciliation, etc.

In South Africa, more than 12 million children sang hymns to Mandela before going to class, the whole  population was called upon to devote 67 minutes of their time (corresponding to 67 years of Mandela’s activism) to helping others. The IMATU Union requested that this day where they celebrate “the 67 years of his life Mandela has given for the rights of humanity, equality, justice and democracy enjoyed today by all South Africans” become a public holiday, so that individuals can give much more than 67 minutes to useful causes....

CWA's Valentine's Wish to AT&T


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 On Valentine's Day, 2011, CWA members, Teamsters, Jobs with Justice, Clergy, Union supports, and Occupy Atlanta members paid a visit to AT&T in Atlanta to ask for a Valentine gift, "Show some Love, Stop the Layoffs!".  AT&T had recently announced that they will be laying off 740 union workers in the South East region, 95 of those layoffs here in Georgia. At the same time, AT&T CEO Randall Stevenson received $27,000,000 in compensation in 2011.  At a time when Georgia is facing double digit unemployment and has one of the nations highest foreclosures rates, layoffs of good paying union jobs is the last thing the state needs. So on Valentines Day, CWA supports came together to demand that AT&T stop the lay offs and show their employees the dignity they deserve.

Georgia Bible Belt artists critique class disparity: FREE MONEY

Team of middle Georgia artists invite public to agree to terms of contract, hand out enhanced dollar bills for redistribution of wealth.

After agreeing to the terms, participants are given cash to begin an international movement.


Wisconsin: For a General Strike Now!

The Internationalist
March 2011

Defeat Governor’s Legislative Coup d’État Wisconsin: For a General Strike Now! Break with the Democrats, Republicans and All Capitalist Parties! Build a Class-Struggle Workers Party!

A law challenging the very existence unions of government workers has just been rammed through the legislature in Wisconsin. In addition, wages have been slashed by up to 10 percent to make up for cuts to health insurance and pensions. The labor movement and workers nationwide and internationally are vividly aware of the stakes. There has been a lot of talk in the last three weeks about a general strike. The Wisconsin South Central Labor Federation even voted to authorize one. But now that the moment of truth has arrived, the union bureaucrats have gotten cold feet. They are doing everything to prevent strike action and instead to divert anger at this vicious law into a drive to recall Republican senators. To be replaced by whom? The Democrats’ “alternative” budget bill would also have drastically slashed wages and benefits.

We have said from the outset that “It will take nothing less than a statewide general strike to defeat labor hater Walker.” But we warned , “union leaders block militant action as they chain workers to the Democrats” (The Internationalist leaflet, 18 February). There should be no delay: this is the hour for powerful labor action. For a general strike to shut down Wisconsin now!

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