Southern Company Premiere Protest Draws Crowds Asking Questions

228 As Southern Company's centennial has come around, the corporation has celebrated with a documentary, Big Bets, patting themselves on the backs for making "big bets" that were risky, but ultimately brought the light of progress to the South.  In response to this propaganda, organizers from several groups came together to shed some ight on the truth about the Company and what its doing.  Monday's protest against Southern Company brought out around 50 people from Occupy Atlanta, environmental, and anti-nuclear groups alike.  Despite suffering a last minute time change and a crossover with solidarity protest with prison hunger strikers, energy was up and the public responded positively to the message. 

"Why are y'all out here?"  The response: to protest Southern Company's betting their ratepayers money on dangerous new coal and nuclear power, all while spending tens of millions lobbying against environmental and health laws.

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