corporate greed

Has capitalism run out of gas? If so, then greed is the reason.

Seven Reasons Why Capitalism Has Run Its Course

by Rev. Paul J. Bern



Taking back what the grinch stole

The Devolving of Christmas: An American Tragedy



They frack because clear air and water aren’t profitable

The true costs of resource extraction are never borne by energy and mining companies because they can dump the costs onto society. Those engaged in fracking are not going to act any differently, and can’t be expected to act any differently.

Having government in their pockets means they do it because they can, but the reasons go well beyond that. Pleading for them to act responsibility is of no use as capitalism requires them to act in socially irresponsible ways. Companies with stock traded on exchanges are legally required to earn the biggest possible profit on behalf of their shareholders, regardless of any other considerations. The rigors of competition also mandate this: If a company doesn’t grow, its competitors will and put it out of business.

The Internet, the Food Chain and Trickle-down

Why we can't make any money ..........


Wall Street plunders Detroit while pensioners take blame

By Systemic Disorder

Capitalism Has All of Us Upside Down

We Need to Realize That a Good Life

Is More Important Than Money


Fannie Mae Don't Take My Home Away


See video

On Monday, Sept. 10th, 2012 Occupy Our Homes and many other Housing and Homeless advocates in the Southeast kicked off a nationwide protest against Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac here in Atlanta. Fannie and Freddie hold 60% of American homeowners' mortgages. After being bailed out in 2008 with billions of taxpayer dollars, Fannie and Freddie showed their appreciation by foreclosing and evicting thousands of these same taxpayers. Fed up with seeing their neighborhoods destroyed, friends forced into homelessness, and the wealth of their communities transferred to Wall Street, people are now fighting back. This film is part 1 of our coverage of the victims of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac standing up and demanding justice for their families, friends and cities. It runs 51 minutes.

The high cost of private profit in health care

By Systemic Disorder

The United States spends huge amounts of money on health care. But it is only in comparison to other countries that the magnitude of health care spending becomes clear. Because the U.S. health care system is designed for private profit rather than public health, the U.S. spends an extra $1.15 trillion per year beyond what it would otherwise.

If that total astounds you, you are not alone. When I first began making calculations to determine excess spending in health care, the figures were so large that I had difficultly believing them and performed the calculations over again. The result was the same.

The excess spending on health care is not only growing, it is growing much faster than the rate of inflation, in concert with overall health care spending. For instance, the annual average of excess spending for the period of 1990 to 2000 was $685 billion. For the period of 2001 to 2010, the annual average ballooned to $1.15 trillion.

Picket at the Nuclear Regulatory Commission

Wed, 02/08/2012 - 12:30pm - 1:30pm
NRC Office Building
245 Peachtree Center Avenue NE
Atlanta, GA
United States

The NRC is hosting a meeting in Atlanta the day before they plan to grant a construction license allowing Georgia Power to build two new nuclear reactors in Burke County, Georgia. Let's make some noise and send them a clear message. The nuclear renaissance stops here. Nothing about nuclear is 'clean'

  • No safety evaluations since Fukushima disaster, despite new concerns
  • $8.3 billion in taxpayer money to Georgia Power to subsidise the project
  • Georgia Power fee on power bills to cover their own construction costs
  • Burke County already contaminated, high cancer rates among residents

For more info, visit or call 404.524.5999

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