(A-Radio) Eastern Europe 2: The squatted ROD garden in Warsaw

As Anarchist Radio Berlin we had the opportunity of talking to an activist who is part of a group of people squatting an allotment garden in Warsaw, Poland. In this interview, we get to know a bit of the origins of this project that started in Spring of this year. The squat itself is based on the Reclaim the fields initiative in Poland and has organized some action days a short while ago. Some more interviews with anarchist organizations and anarchist projects will follow soon as part of our new series on anarchism and social struggles in Eastern Europe. You'll find the audio (to listen online or download in different sizes) here: Length: 7:54 min You can find other English and Spanish language audios here:

Anti-Gentrification Assembly

Sat, 08/03/2013 - 5:00pm
Coan Park
1520 Woodbine Ave SE, Atlanta, GA 30317
Atlanta, GA
United States

This assembly is intended to provide a place for discussion and planning in response to quasi-fascist elements organizing in East Atlanta neighborhoods under the guise of "Neighborhood Associations" and "Community" groups.

These groups tend to represent the interests of white middle-class property owners, especially those who are new to the neighborhoods. They act as proxies for the local police and explicitly target poor people and people of color. They are not shy about the fact that they target young black males, but often have these discussions with coded language that obscures their racism behind concerns about crime and "the criminal element."

New Heat Index blog post//"Edgewood: Tensions Increase Between the Poor and Police"







Hey folks, please check out this new article by one of our collective members. It's his take on the recent police violence in Edgewood (Atlanta), the reasons surrounding it, and the resistance that's growing.


Sherrye Calhoun's VICTORY Press Conference

Tue, 04/09/2013 - 11:00am
39 Aberdeen Street Atlanta
United States

Sherrye has won her home free and clear! There will be a press conference at her place on Tuesday April 9th at 11AM. Anyone that supported or took part in Sherrye's fight for her home is invited

Home Liberation 102


See video

In this next edition of Home Liberation, we bring you an exclusive interview with Michelene and Reneka, fresh from being released from Fulton County Detention Center. This interview covers the women's experience of becoming homeless (they prefer the term "Displaced"), bouncing from shelter to shelter, meeting the Occupy Our Homes Atlanta movement, liberating a local home, and then losing the home and being arrested. After a night in jail, the women were fired up and ready to tell their story. This is a classic example of everyday people finding themselves in an extraodinary situation, and finding support and strength from friends and strangers alike. This film runs 48 minutes.

Home Liberation 101


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Do you have a home, with heat, food, and indoor plumbing? Maybe you have a fireplace or a special room with a rec center. So many people in America have none of these things, but are trying to find ways to have the most basic housing. Michelene and Reneka are two women in Atlanta who were fed up with being homeless and bouncing between shelters in the city. With the help of Occupy Our Homes Atlanta, and support of a local church and residents in the Pittsburgh neighborhood, these two women and their two kids made history in Atlanta by liberating and moving into an abandoned home. Within days this unused house soon had lights, heat, water, food and toys for the kids all donated by local supporters. But within 6 days, Atlanta Police along with representatives from M&T Bank (the absentee owner) were evicting this family and arresting the women for trespassing. This show is a report on the eviction aftermath. It runs 30 minutes.

Bank Withdraws Attempt to Arrest Sherrye Calhoun

The war is not over, but a battle has been won.

On October 23rd, 2012, Sherrye Calhoun received a letter stating that Eric Bender had applied for an arrest warrant against her on the grounds of trespassing in her own home of 30 years. Sherrye defiantly moved back into her home after being evicted on August 3, so while it was expected that the police would eventually return to harass her at the bank’s command, the letter nevertheless came as a surprise.

After receiving the letter, rather than sit back and wait for the courts to side with the banks–as they did time and time again in her earlier legal battles–she picked up the phone and contacted her friends, neighbors, and new allies to help her continue the fight for her home.

Sherrye Calhoun Offers Deal to Stay in her Home

Sherrye Calhoun was evicted on the morning Friday, August 3. By that evening, she had already moved back in. Now she faces arrest for defying the law, which, she says, “is not on the side of the little person.” During a recent cookout at her home where supporters converged to discuss plans and sign up for a new eviction defense network, Sherrye had this to say: “JP Morgan Chase thinks they own this home. But I have lived here for 30 years, and before that my father lived here. This is my home; I just want to live here for the rest of my days.”

AGAINST FALSE PROMISES: A Few Thoughts on the BeltLine & Ongoing Gentrification in Atlanta


It is almost 6 A.M. on October 1, 2012. I am staring at the view outside my front door and find myself forced to document it. This is the perfect hour to do so. There's a silence that hangs in the air, accompanying the fog from last night's rain. I can't see as far as usual, but I don't miss the views of construction and in fact I want these sites to disappear with the fading of the fog.

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