Georgia Prisoner Hunger Strike

Another Reidsville Hunger Striker Speaks Out

Another hunger striking Reidsville prisoner has come forward to speak out about his protest. He and Kelvin J. Stevenson, whose letter I transcribed yesterday, are among four men on hunger strike since February 26.

I began corresponding with some of the men who participated in the 2012 hunger strike a couple years ago, and I transcribed some of their letters and published them here:

This letter from LaDarius Colbert is entirely in his own words.


Georgia prisoners on hunger strike in Reidsville over harsh conditions

I have been correspondng with several prisoners in Georgia prisons since the 2012 prisoner hunger strike in Jackson. They have repeatedly tried to get redress for their grievances about mistreatment, and when those attempts have failed they have been forced to resort to hunger strike.  Here is a letter from one prisoner who has been refusing food since February 23.  It is all in his own words. 


Striking Georgia prisoners name names, allege sexual abuse, ongoing threats and maltreatment by staff

Striking Georgia prisoners name names, allege sexual abuse, ongoing threats and maltreatment by staff

March 20, 2014

by BAR managing editor Bruce A. Dixon

Thoughts from a Georgia Prison Hunger Striker

In this piece, Georgia prisoner and former hunger striker Yahya Jihad Ali discusses his experience in Jackson State prison.  I have been corresponding with Yahya since he and 4 other hunger strikers in Jackson State Prison wrote a piece I submitted in March. I have typed the letter up exactly as he wrote it to me, as best I could:

382 The benefit that I'm still deriving from the hunger strike is the strength that I've gained from knowing that I survived not eating several days at a time.  Every time I go through a new struggle I draw comfort in the fact that I've been through worst.  In order to master a situation one must first master themselves.  I feel I have truly mastered the essence of who I am. 

Georgia Prison Hunger Striker Brutally Beaten by Guards Seeks Justice

367 Kelvin J. Stevenson, Jackson State prisoner and former member of the Georgia Prison Hunger Strike of 2012 speaks out about his brutal beating by prison guards. (TRIGGER WARNING).  Stevenson describes being beaten with a claw hammer while in handcuffs, and the coverup by prison officials that ensued. 

Georgia Prison Hunger Strikers Speak Out

This article consists of writings by five men who participated in the Georgia Prison Hunger Strike.  The strike began in June 2012 with 10 prisoners striking to protest mistreatment and poor conditions.  It was part of a continuation of a December 2010 prisoner strike in which prisoners refused to work or leave their cells. According to Bruce Dixon, "They were demanding simple things like transparency in inmate accounts, like wages for work, like educational programs behind the walls and such.

A slap in the face

David Roberts was one of the first 10 original members of the Georgia prison hunger strikes.

"I would love to hear from you!  I'm in prison, but you can write me at:
David E. Roberts #396873
GDCP/SMU P.O. Box 3877
Jackson, GA 30233
Or, you can email and the message will be relayed to me. I can write you back the same way!  Or on Facebook "

Report-back: July 16th Rally in Solidarity with the Georgia Prison Hunger Strikers

On Monday, July 16th, 2012 there was a rally held in Forsyth, Georgia to show solidarity with Hunger Strikers in the Georgia Diagnostic and Classification Center (also known as GDC or Jackson State Prison).  About 80 people attended the event, which was organized and coordinated by many local radical organizations and members of the Hunger Strikers’ families. Some of the groups involved included Project South, The Ordinary People's Society, Prodigal Child Project, Take Back the Block, Industrial Workers of the World – Atlanta Chapter, and the Atlanta Black Cross to name a few.

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