Georgia Prisoner Hunger Strike

Hunger Strike In Protest of Conditions in Georgia Prisons' Tier Program

A hunger strike has been going on in Georgia State Prison in Reidsville since February 26. Prisoners are protesting inhumane conditions, including beatings and lack of access to sufficient food, sanitation, exercise, and an effective grievance process. Their demand is an end to the state's Tier Program, a 2013 initiative that created three increasingly restrictive levels of “Administrative Segregation” to deal with prisoners who are deemed a significant threat to security.

Hunger Striking Prisoner Releases List of Demands

Statement From Hunger Striker

As to date Georgia's prisoners are being arbitrarily and unlawfully denied their First, Fifth, Eighth, and Fourteenth Amendment rights under the United States Constitution.  Prisoners are being forced to live in conditions that are atypical and cause significant hardships!  Prisoners are being subjected to treatment that has been deemed torture by the United Nations.  Prisoners are being subjected to mental, physical, and emotional torture on a daily basis by being forced into GA's prolonged solitary confinement/disciplinary administrateice segregation (Tier Program) without having any disciplinary sanctions to justify such a punishment placement.

Therefore I am forced to challenge aforesaid violations through the non-violent means of hunger strike!

(1) I demand an end to the torture of all prisoners unlawfully placed on GA's Dept. of Corrections prolonged solitary confinement/Tier Program.

Recording by prison resisters in Reidsville

Prisoners involved with the hunger strike at the Georgia State Prison in Reidsville have come forward, knowing they are taking a great risk of retaliation, to speak out.  This is a recording they made.


GA Dept of KKKorrections Invests In The Business of Torturing US Citizens

by Kelevin J. Stevenson #570391 - G.S.P.

GA Dept of KKKorrections new Tier program has taken steps to destroy a prisoner's family bonds, now stopping prisoners from receiving any pictures or letters with pictures in them. GA Dept of KKKorrections administrators have enacted a policy that clearly violates a prisoner's 1st Amendment right to freedom of association and their right to freedom of speech. The 1st Amendment exists to protect the citizens' right to read books, magazines, newspapers, etc. The right to call or write to your family and friends, the right to criticize government or state officials, and much more.

Thoughts from a Reidsville prison hunger striker

Inmates in Georgia State Prison in Reidsville have been hunger striking for over a month in protest of the abuses they are suffering in the Tier Program.  The program, described in this document , is supposed to be for people who are a threat to safety, but is really used as a punishment for people who speak our for their rights.  Below is a letter from LaDarius Colbert transcribed exactly.


Mar 26th 2015

Greeting my fellow comrades,

Reidsville Tier II prisoner speaks out against inhumane conditions

Another prisoner has come forward to speak out against the abusive conditions in Georgia State Prison in Reidsville.  At least four men in the prison have  been on hunger strike since February 26 in protest of the conditions in the Tier Program. Here is the content of his letter, unchanged:

"Defining GA.'s New Torture Tool!" Article by a Reidsville Prison Hunger Striker

I have been corresponding for a few years with several prisoners who took part in the 2012 hunger strike in Jackson State prison, including the author of this piece.  He and three others are now on a hunger strike in Reidsville since February 26.  Earlier pieces by these hunger strikers are here:

and here:


Defining GA.'s New Torture Tool!
Tier Program Admin Segregation

By: Kelvin Stevenson #570391 3/20/2015

Another Reidsville Hunger Striker Speaks Out

Another hunger striking Reidsville prisoner has come forward to speak out about his protest. He and Kelvin J. Stevenson, whose letter I transcribed yesterday, are among four men on hunger strike since February 26.

I began corresponding with some of the men who participated in the 2012 hunger strike a couple years ago, and I transcribed some of their letters and published them here:

This letter from LaDarius Colbert is entirely in his own words.


Georgia prisoners on hunger strike in Reidsville over harsh conditions

I have been correspondng with several prisoners in Georgia prisons since the 2012 prisoner hunger strike in Jackson. They have repeatedly tried to get redress for their grievances about mistreatment, and when those attempts have failed they have been forced to resort to hunger strike.  Here is a letter from one prisoner who has been refusing food since February 23.  It is all in his own words. 


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