Reportback: A visit to a for-profit immigration detention center

302 I recently visited Stewart Detention Center, a private immigration prison in Lumpkin, Georgia owned by the Corrections Corporation of America (CCA). The country's largest immigration detention center, the facility has 1752 beds. Some prisoners are awaiting deportation, some are in legal processes to determine if they will be deported, others came requesting asylum from their home countries where they would be in danger if they returned. Some people spend weeks there, some spend years; the average stay is at least 45 days. 

GLAHR travels to Alabama to oppose racist law HB56


See video

GLAHR traveled to the September 1, 2011 protest in Birmingham against HB56, a law that would promote racial profiling and segregation.  The law, similar to Georgia's HB87

  • allows police to check the immigration status of anyone they're detaining
  • allows them to hold them until ICE arrives to take them
  • requires schools to inquire about the immigration status of students and their parents
  • voids contracts held by undocumented immigrants
  • makes it illegal to transport undocumented immigrants
  • makes it illegal to give them housing or work

Watch the video for more information, coverage of the demonstration and interviews with participants. 

GLAHR's website is GLAHR.org, 770 457 5232.

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