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Homeland Security Unit Detective P.B. Jackson at Egypt Solidarity Demo


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On February 6th, 2013, Atlanta anarchists held a march and rally in solidarity with anarchists in Egypt. As is to be expected, the Atlanta Police sent out a detective from the department's Homeland Security Unit (HSU) to monitor the demonstration and take pictures of activists.

A man was noticed sitting on a bench, taking photos and video with his cellphone between typing out text messages. Copwatchers approached the conspicuous man and asked for his name and assignement number, which all APD officers are obligated to provide while on duty. He immediately identified himself as Detective P.B. Jackson with the HSU.

342 Detective P.B. Jackson - Atlanta Homeland Security











Understanding APD's Homeland Security Unit


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331 Officer Price - At a rally against police brutalityOver the past year, Copwatchers have documented the regular presence of plainclothed APD officers filming protests, rallies, and political events in Atlanta. It was quickly determined that these were officers assigned to the APD's Homeland Security Unit (HSU)( http://atlanta.indymedia.org/local/homeland-security-caught-monitoring-o...). Earlier this week, the APD's Plan of Action for the Occupy Atlanta protests was released to the public (http://atlanta.indymedia.org/local/atlanta-police-departments-occupy-atl...). Almost immediately the report, which is dated October 10th, 2011, tells us that "The Atlanta Police Department Homeland Security Unit has been actively monitoring demonstration planning by the group [...]"

Occupy Atlanta Municipal Court

            Over fourteen months after Occupy Atlanta protestors set up camp in Woodruff Park, the fifty-two people who were arrested the night of October 25 for refusing to leave the park, and over twenty others arrested in Occupy Atlanta protests over the next month, finally had their day in court. The defense team of ten volunteer lawyers, headed by attorney Mawuli Davis, spent the past year setting up a defense for the arrestees and meeting with Judge Crystal Gaines every week to file motions, and had days earlier served subpoenas on Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed, the Atlanta Chief of Police George Turner, and three other city officials. The city was still fighting the subpoenas when trial began on Monday, December 17. 

Homeland Security Caught Monitoring Occupy Atlanta Protests

195 James HodgeOver the past month protesters have noticed strange men hovering around Occupy Atlanta related protests and filming the events. It's not unusual for lots of cameras to be present at these events, but these people stood out. It was very obvious that they were with law enforcement.

One officer in particular had initially refused to identify himself, but after a nod from white-shirt APD officer C.W. Moss he eventually identified himself as James Hodge.

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