What Would Trump Fascism Look Like?

What Would Trump Fascism Look Like? Eight Most Likely Traits

By Al Carroll


            Numerous analysts, journalists, publications, and scholars judge Mr. Trump to be a fascist. These range from academics to Newsweek to Salon to the New Republic to even Forbes magazine and conservatives like Max Boot and Jeb Bush. He is authoritarian, appeals to irrationality, is highly nationalistic, extremely bigoted, and calls for the defense of capitalism at the expense of democracy. The only things missing from this textbook definition of fascism are the uniforms.

Christmas Message 2014/No Place for refugees in Fortress Europe/Reflections on Christmas Eve


Noise Demo in Solidarity with Hunger Striking Immigrants in Tacoma, WA

Wed, 03/19/2014 - 7:00pm - 9:00pm
CNN Center to ICE to ACDC Atlanta, GA
United States

Our brothers and sisters in Tacoma, Washington have displayed great bravery and courage by going on a hunger strike. Immigration Detention Centers are prisons without trials, without any rights. The strike began March 7 with hundreds refusing to eat as they call for better treatment and an end to deportations. Nearly two million people have been deported since President Obama took office, which is more than under any other administration. Since it has been increasingly clear that detainees and immigrant rights activists cannot afford to wait for politicians, they have resorted to militant actions against deportations that are tearing up their families. Detention centers around the country aren’t exempt from savage human abuses. Tens of thousands of prisoners from California to Georgia have gone on hunger strikes to call attention to serious violations such as indefinite solitary confinement and retaliation.

mexicans and money

 If you are a farmer and you know you  have a sufficient labor force to harvest 40 acres of green beans, but you plant 400 acres, the resulting catastrophe does not constitute a labor shortage. Stupid business decisions do not entitle you to exploit poor mexicans.

  If you spent so much money buying seed, machinery and fertilizer to plant those 400 acres that you have no money left to pay someone to harvest the crop, how does it become the duty of the poor to work for nothing to save your bottom line?  Stupid business decisions do not entitle you to exploit poor mexicans.

   If you engage in ANY business, from restaurants to landscaping to farming, if your investments do not bring in sufficient returns to pay the bills and make a profit why is that a good reason to allow you to enslave the poor to make up for your shortage? Stupid business decisions do not entitle you to exploit poor mexicans.


The Argument for Amnesty: An Immigration Policy That Works for All

Millions experience the repressive nature of the U.S. immigration system on a daily basis, lifting its need for reform to a level of urgency. And fixing this broken program is integral to building the unity among U.S. workers that is required to challenge corporate America’s attacks on our wages, rights, public social services, and living conditions.

However, until recently, the Democrats and Republicans largely left immigration reform on the back burner except for campaign speeches and promoting more repressive measures.

Now a bipartisan “gang of 8″ senators and President Obama are promising some type of comprehensive immigration reform, likely to happen early this year. Why the change?

Battle at the Capitol

Mon, 01/07/2013 - 7:00pm
Atlanta Friends Meeting House
701 West Howard Avenue
Decatur, GA
United States

A panel of justice activists discuss immigration, women’s healthcare, the death penalty, prisons, budget and other issues facing the 2013 Georgia General Assembly. Panelists include Larry Pellegrini of the Georgia Rural Urban Summit; Alan Essig of the Georgia Budget and Policy Institute; and others. Reception with light refreshments at 6:30; panel at 7, followed by Q&A and general discussion. Three blocks east of East Lake MARTA station; free admission and parking. Sponsored by Georgia Peace & Justice Coalition/Atlanta, 404-522-4500,

Reportback: A visit to a for-profit immigration detention center

302 I recently visited Stewart Detention Center, a private immigration prison in Lumpkin, Georgia owned by the Corrections Corporation of America (CCA). The country's largest immigration detention center, the facility has 1752 beds. Some prisoners are awaiting deportation, some are in legal processes to determine if they will be deported, others came requesting asylum from their home countries where they would be in danger if they returned. Some people spend weeks there, some spend years; the average stay is at least 45 days. 

Undocumented And Unafraid! Immigrant Rights Rally 2012.


See video

May 1st has become the annual day of protest for Immigrant Rights in Atlanta. The Georgia Latino Alliance For Human Rights, or GLAHR, has become the main organizer for this May Day event. In this film we bring you the voices of immigration reform and Latino/a human rights. We begin with an interview with Theordore Maus, the leader of GLAHR, and then focus on all the people who spoke out about repressive legislation in Georgia targeting undocumented workers and students as well as other issues that effect immigrants in Georgia. Weather from the global south, Asia, Africa or Europe, Immigrants are coming out of the shadows and demanding their rights like never before. This film is a brief look at their struggle. Sorry, no English translation for this video.

January 11, 2012 Under Obama, guest-worker visa policy creates left-right conflict

Under the Obama administration, skilled foreign professionals like doctors and software engineers find dim hope in Emma Lazarus’s poetic lamp lifted “beside the golden door.” These huddled, high tech masses are, quite often, told by Washington policymakers to consider launching their careers in other countries.

One physician trained in South Africa, for example, recently applied for a visa to work in the U.S. Despite the shortage of skilled doctors in America, the Obama administration failed to grant him “extraordinary worker” status. For him, there will be no work at a pharmaceutical company, no hospital shifts, and no opportunity to start his own consulting firm.

Sheriff Arpaio Opposes Gabrielle "Gabby" Giffords Legislation

Sheriff opposes legislation intending to help prevent Tucson-style terror and Arpaio protects a crony who issued death threats.

Sheriff corruption link:

A state of lawlessness exists in Arizona under the guidance of the 80 year old Sheriff assisted by the Maricopa County Attorney.

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