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Million Mask March-- 2 Arrests

Attention! Two Anons Arrested at Atlanta Million Mask March!

Around 50 people assembled at Centennial Park this morning to join the Million Mask March-Atlanta. Though the numbers were a far cry from the 300+ attendees on the Facebook page, some courageous ones decided to march together and pass out leaflets to spread our message. The demonstration enjoyed the cheers of passersby and made a presence in a large section of the downtown area.

After briefly regrouping to march to the Booz Allen Hamilton Atlanta office - the local chapter of the tech consultation group contracted by the NSA and former employer of brave leaker/whistleblower Edward Snowden - the demonstration was quickly flanked by more than a dozen Atlanta Police squad cars. The police made a short, inaudible announcement and abruptly snatched up two Anons from the crowd and forced them into their cruisers, allegedly for wearing masks.

Million Mask March

Tue, 11/05/2013 - 9:00am - 11:10am
Centennial Olympic Park Atlanta, GA
United States


There is a "Million Mask March" being organized by some Anons against the NSA etc. People in the threads have a good energy and are talking about bringing gas masks etc. It will be a masked demo. Masks provided for those without.


Statement of the Trans Liberation Marchers

Organizers with TWIST (Trans Women In Solidarity Together) along with associated comrades planned and executed a breakaway Trans Liberation March on Saturday, October 12.

25-30 Liberation Marchers met at the rallying point for the cisgender-led “official” Trans March but took to the streets as the corporate-endorsed march began its unannounced route through depopulated areas of Piedmont Park.

After taking sections of 12th, Juniper, and 14th street, the marchers reentered the park to protest through the entirety of Atlanta Pride’s extensive vendor corridor.

Pork barrel scam scandalizes the Philippines

Five senators who were linked to the scam are the following: Ramon Revilla, Jr. – P 1.017 billion, Juan Ponce Enrile – P 641.65 million, Jinggoy Estrada – P 585 million, Ferdinand Marcos Jr. – P 100 million, Gregorio Honasan – P 15 million; Plus 23 congressmen

On with the August 26 “Million People March to Luneta”

By Alliance of Progressive Labor (APL)

“Stop pulling our legs, Mr. President. All ‘pork’ and ‘pork-like funds’ must be abolished permanently!”

This is the response of Edwin Bustillos, APL Deputy Secretary General, to PNoy’s declaration this morning that, “it is time to abolish PDAF.”

“What we heard is a promise to do away with PDAF, but not to discard with Pork Barrel and other discretionary funds,” Bustillos said.

HIV-Negative AIDS: Is it CFS, GWS, or AIDS?

Allied NATO Government is hiding millions of infectious NON HIV AIDS cases (like mine) under the "Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)" ICD-code.


- Chapter 33 of Hillary Johnson's: Osler's Web: Inside the Labyrinth of the CFS Epidemic is "HIV-NEGATIVE AIDS."


- Neenyah Ostrom's book "America's Biggest Cover-up: 50 More Things...CFS & Its Link To AIDS" cites: "Some CFS Patients May Be Non-HIV AIDS Cases."


- Dr. Lorraine Day was on Riley's THE POWER HOUR (9/24/12): "...HIV-Negative AIDS cases falsely reported and treated as CFS cases may be one of the biggest cover-ups we have seen."


Counting Activists: Protesting NSA Spying at the Peachtree Road Race


NAME OF ACTION   Protest NSA Spying, Support Whistleblowers  

CITY & DATE   Atlanta, July 4,      8 - 10:30 AM,    

SPECIFIC LOCATION  sidewalk along Peachtree Road Race
                              Peachtree Rd between 10th & 11th Sts

ORGANIZER    GA Peace and Justice Coalition    

 I counted 10 protesters, all of whom stayed at least two hours  

  “ I stand with Edward Snowden”

         “Obama, stop spying on Americans”


Restore the Fourth Atlanta

Many of us are by now aware of the leaks by Ed Snowden. If you don't, here is a good start:

These revelations have led to a new movement of people fighting to restore the 4th amendment, it's called #restorethefourth. Here are some links to Atlanta-specific pages:

Many will have criticisms of this, and many are well-founded. I have jumped in because some people are doing something.

March Against Monsanto!

Sat, 05/25/2013 - 2:00pm - 4:00pm
Piedmont Park
Near Monroe Field Behind Park Tavern
Atlanta, GA
United States

There is going to be a massive March against Monsanto in piedmont park on Saturday may 25. The official plan is to march down the beltline, and turn around and go back into the park. 1400 People say they are going on FaceBook! Thats more people going then anything else in the longest time.

The rhetoric from the facebook is all aboutn informing consumers and holding politicians accountable. But we know that there might be more wrong in this world than monsanto. And that politicians aren't the best way to get shit done. So everyone should go! It will be fun!


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