What would you do??? Letter from a man falsely imprisoned since 1996 - at age 17

What would you do???

I often find myself sitting within this cell wondering what would Jesus do if he was face with what I've been faced with???

And I ask you... What would you do if it was you??? What would you do if your family was robbed at gunpoint and the gunmen put the gun in oyur grandmother face and threaten to kill you & your grandmother along with everyone else???  What would you do if your grandmother called the police and the police only cites the gunmen for trespassing and released him back into the community without finding his gun??? What would you do if the gunmen came back to your grandmother apartment and threatened to kill you all again??? What would you do if you're trying to avoid a confrontation with the gunmen and he appears in your path reaching for something under his shirt????? What would you do if you feared for your life and feared for your family safety??? Would you protect yourself and your family???  Or would you continue to be a victim of this gunmen who the police released back into the community 5 minutes after they apprehended him without finding his gun???

Town Hall Discussion on Queer-Bashing, Self-Defense


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Recently a "town hall meeting" came together to discuss homophobia, hate crimes, and the case of Luke O'Donovan.

On New Year's Eve, a queer teen, Luke O'Donovan, was jumped by a violent mob who called him homophobic slurs and beat him. He was stabbed in the back, and acted in self-defense to save his life. He was arrested at the hospital and is being charged with aggravated assault, while all of his attackers are walking free. The corporate media accused Luke of going on an unprovoked "stabbing spree" - much like recent mass shootings - and made no mention of the queer-bashing which forced Luke to defend himself.

At the time of publishing, Luke has been released from jail, but still faces multiple felony charges. For up-to-date information:

A Few Clarifying Points from the Support Committee (in Other Words: Please Get Involved!)


A Few Clarifying Points from the Support Committee (in Other Words: Please Get Involved!)


Dekalb County Has a Serious Cop Problem

Anyone who has dealt directly with Dekalb County cops, especially if they've been to Dekalb County jail for any amount of time (a strip-search-for-all Jim Crow throwback joint recently involved in prisoner abuse), already knows how these 'officers' 'conduct' themselves. Rude, antagonistic, abusive, and often downright violent, Dekalb County officers have earned a devilish reputation among those they have confronted. These brutish and sadistic cops have jurisdiction over an area containing roughly 700,000 people, which envelops places as diverse as Clarkston, where about 20% of the population lives below the poverty line, and North Decatur, home to Emory, one of the wealthiest university enterprises in the nation. Given recent developments, more and more Dekalb County inhabitants are wondering what to do about their cop problem.

Free School: Women's Self-Defense

Sun, 02/12/2012 - 3:00pm
The Teardown
80 Mayson Ave NE
Atlanta, GA
United States
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