Solidarity with Gaza March

Sat, 07/05/2014 - 6:00pm - 7:55pm
Woodruff Park Atlanta, GA
United States


Hambach Forest's solidarity with our friend & comrade Earthworm

The occupation at the Hambach Forest [Germany] wants to express solidarity and love for our friend and comrade Earthworm.

In midst of preparations, possibilities and actions sad news about a horrible accident had occurred.

So we wanted to take a moment and cordially announce our best wishes of recuperation to our friend!

All our energy and support goes out to Earthworm and the dear people around her.

We do not have many words fit:

Fucking hell, get well soon!


Second meeting of the Atlanta Books To Prisoner Program

Wed, 03/26/2014 - 6:30pm - 8:00pm
Octane Coffee
437 Memorial Dr SE, Ste A5 Grant Park by six feet under
Atlanta, GA
United States

If your interested in helping our brothers and sisters trapped in cages in anyway feel free to join us . FYI pay no mind to the person talking about asking the state for support .

Noise Demo in Solidarity with Hunger Striking Immigrants in Tacoma, WA

Wed, 03/19/2014 - 7:00pm - 9:00pm
CNN Center to ICE to ACDC Atlanta, GA
United States

Our brothers and sisters in Tacoma, Washington have displayed great bravery and courage by going on a hunger strike. Immigration Detention Centers are prisons without trials, without any rights. The strike began March 7 with hundreds refusing to eat as they call for better treatment and an end to deportations. Nearly two million people have been deported since President Obama took office, which is more than under any other administration. Since it has been increasingly clear that detainees and immigrant rights activists cannot afford to wait for politicians, they have resorted to militant actions against deportations that are tearing up their families. Detention centers around the country aren’t exempt from savage human abuses. Tens of thousands of prisoners from California to Georgia have gone on hunger strikes to call attention to serious violations such as indefinite solitary confinement and retaliation.

Free Market & future free Space in Reynoldstown!


Yesterday, on the 1st of March 2014,

we celebrated a 'Really Really Free Market' on 195 Flat Shoals Ave. in Reynoldstown.
This was the 1st and therefore opening event of a future Free Store at the location.

We made use of an unused building and we are happy to state that it has been a tremendous success.

A lot of people from the community got together, talked, shared, had a good time and we all have been amazed by the general display of solidarity. With no money involved many things were taken by people and will therefore be reused while others brought in all kinds of beautiful stuff that they did not need anymore!

If we can pull our resources together we'll hopefully be able to do this several times a week in the foreseeable future.

FOR NOW there is already a set date for the next 'Really, Really Free Market' at 195 Flat Shoals Ave.:

Tractors Sabotaged for the ZAD, No TAV, Hambach Forest

On the night of February 22nd, we poured a mixture of sand and water into the fuel tanks of two tractors used in the construction of a new Atlanta streetcar. The streetcar is one of many major development projects the city has initiated in the past few years as a part of a general plan to revitalize downtown. We know that this plan only means more police and unaffordable housing.

We offer this small gesture of solidarity to the ZAD, the No TAV movement, and the occupation of the Hambach Forest. We would also like to send strength to those affected by increased surveillance or repression the new developments have brought to Atlanta.

Our action was very simple to perform. It did not take long to plan or to enact and we found all of the materials on the side of the road. We do not believe that an accumulation of "actions" makes a revolution, but we wanted to give encouragment to the current and future participants of revolutionary struggles. Onward, strong hearts!

Tires slashed on Dekalb police cruisers

Earlier this week we slashed the tires out of a Dekalb county police vehicle. The vehicle was parked near the East Lake MARTA station on a residential street with no officer inside.

This small action was taken in solidarity with the friends and family of Jesus "Chuy" Huerta, killed in a Durham police cruiser in North Carolina. We are inspired by the brave actions taken against the police in his memory and hope to see it spread.

Keep fighting and make them pay.

R.I.P Chuy

Collective Resistance

By David Roberts - one of the first 10 original members of the Georgia prison hunger strikers, currently captive in Jackson Prison.

We have now seen it on the news...Atlanta police attacked a man for "asking some questions!?"  They pepper sprayed the man and beat him, then 7 or 8 of them jumped on him and handcuffed him.  Looked exactly like another Rodney King thing to me!

Luckily an unafraid brother had his cell phone handy and videotaped the whole incident.  This happened a couple of weeks ago and hopefully the man's friends have retained a good attorney for him and with the videotape evidence, he should be back out there and waiting for his day in court with a lawsuit pending and some of those that beat him fired!

Prisoner Letter Writing Party.

Thu, 03/28/2013 - 7:00pm - 8:00pm
Hamilton Mill Library
3690 Brazelton Highway
Dacula, GA
United States

For anyone who chooses to resist the oppressive society we live in, prison is a real and imminent danger. Writing letters to prisoners not only helps to extend feelings of love and support to those who most need it despite the state's attempt to isolate them, it also helps to builds a network and culture of support that many of us may need in the future; a culture that realizes the humanity of political prisoners and the political nature of crime. It is easy, in our sheltered suburban worlds, to forget those who have forgone their liberty in a search for freedom, but letters can build connection between us and these rebels that will out last their cages and strengthen the cause of liberation on both sides of the states gray walls. On Thursday march 28th at 7pm, join others who want to build these bonds at the hamilton mill library for a letter writing party.

Some Addresses to keep on hand:

The Tinley Park 5:

Reportback: Solidarity w/Egyptian Uprising

Last week, on February 6th, roughly 30 solidarians met to show support with the anarchist and antiauthoritarian revolutionaries in Egypt and their ongoing struggle against the state which is being met with repression.

We met at the plaza in Little 5 Points around a banner and passed out leaflets explaining the situation in Egypt. The crowd happily socialized in the plaza for roughly 45 minutes.

An undercover police officer filmed the gathering and local Copwatchers approached the man with their cameras before the crowd marched toward Moreland Avenue. The demo circled around the neighorhood chanting anti-police and revolutionary slogans while blocking traffic before dispersing with no arrests.

Not one step back, comrades.

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