surveillance cameras

Surveillance Cameras Disabled

Earlier this week, we disabled two surveillance cameras. We used spray paint and other tools to temporarily obscure the lense and to physically smash the cameras.

We know that the City of Atlanta plans to install nearly 10,000 new surveillance cameras and we have been inspired by the German game, "Camover," to make a direct attack against this situation.

We understand surveillance to be a central tool of social control.

This was very fun and extremely casual. As far as property destruction goes, this was very easy to do. There are cameras all over the place and most of them are unmonitored.

This whole thing took us less than an hour.

We hope that our action invokes a response! It was very easy. While someone could absolutely do this alone, a group as small as 2 or 3 could probably knock out a half-dozen cameras in a single night without even being noticed.

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