An interpretation of human violence, an unexplored science

The militancy of USA spreads like a virus around the world and into the hearts of many men globally.

The crimes ongoing globally by the fbi/cia assassins (* and our police locally) reflect in my considered judgment a severe mental illness that spreads invisibly by contact with others in the general population; the genesis for the infirmity may be deeply embedded in the human genome by which all human beings appear predisposed to join in certain atrocities when prompted to do so. This theory would also account for the relative ease by which the fbi/cia/dod assassins manipulate world and local opinion against a person who is metaphorically being beaten to death by the torture techniques that I have described for two decades. Excerpted from my logs dated 2002:

Atlanta Queer Defends Himself from Mob Violence

It has been reported in the press that Luke O'Donovan, 19, went on a "stabbing rampage" at a New Year's Eve party in Reynoldstown, a neighborhood in Atlanta, GA. This is not accurate. The events that occurred were the result of Luke O'Donovan desperately defending himself against a clear act of queer-bashing that included Luke being stabbed in the back.

February 1st : A Black Bloc Gone Wrong

This is an open letter in response to the actions on the evening of Tuesday February 1st 2012 at the residence of V, Chelsea and Francis. 

We, Olly, Andre, Jessie, Kalilah, Drea, Martina, Steve, and Francis, members of a local radical queer community, experienced direct intimidation, as well as its ripple effects, by members of the anarchist and anarcho-feminist communities.

We recognize the experiences of all the people involved in the altercation that sparked the actions of Feb 1st. We also recognize that altercation between V, Chelsea & Francis existed prior to the events of that evening. We have no intention of debating those experiences. This is a letter in response to the violent tactics used by members of the anarchist community in the form of a Black Bloc.

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