Walmart Walk Out

Black Friday At The Walmart In Decatur, ga.


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Does your job provide you with enough income to support yourself and your family? Does your employer provide an affordable health care plan for you? Are you threatened with being fired if you make suggestions to improve the workplace or customer service? Does your employer value you as a human being? The answer to these questions is "NO" for many Walmart workers around the U.S. Walmart is the largest employer in America, yet 80% of it's employees are on either food stamps or some form of government assistance. And many have been fired for trying to join or form a union. On "Black Friday", Nov. 23rd, 2012, Walmart workers across America walked out in protest over wages and conditions at their stores and warehouses. In Decatur, Ga. union organizers, human rights activists and Occupy Atlanta held a rally in support of Walmart workers at their local store.

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