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"Defining GA.'s New Torture Tool!" Article by a Reidsville Prison Hunger Striker

I have been corresponding for a few years with several prisoners who took part in the 2012 hunger strike in Jackson State prison, including the author of this piece.  He and three others are now on a hunger strike in Reidsville since February 26.  Earlier pieces by these hunger strikers are here: http://atlanta.indymedia.org/local/another-reidsville-hunger-striker-speaks-out

and here: http://atlanta.indymedia.org/local/georgia-prisoners-hunger-strike-reidsville-over-harsh-conditions


Defining GA.'s New Torture Tool!
Tier Program Admin Segregation

By: Kelvin Stevenson #570391 3/20/2015

America's doomed drug war: a Progressive Christian perspective

Just this past week in my hometown of Atlanta, Ga., the Georgia State Legislature just passed a bill legalizing the medical use of cannabis oil for the treatment of seizures of various kinds, plus about 7 other illnesses which respond only to cannabis oil treatment to alleviate the symptoms. In other words, illnesses for which nothing else works. In the letter and the spirit of this new law, I have decided that this week would be a good time to re-post an updated version of an essay I first wrote in 2011 based on my first published book listed below.

voices of the prison resisters

this is the voice our comrades behind the wall.  Speaking about the inhuman conditions inmates deal with every day.  They are ON STRIKE at reidsville right now.


Woman Arrested for "Contempt of Cop" While Feeding Homeless


See video

Caroline Croland was arrested while volunteering with Atlanta Food Not Bombs, a group which serves food to homeless people.  Her supposed crime was questioning why the cops were harassing Food Not Bombs.

APD Officer S. Camille was harrassing and detaining another volunteer, and seemed to be targetting the group.  Angered by this, Caroline shouted at the officer "Why can't we share a meal every sunday without state harassment?  Why?  Answer me!"

Officer Camille then illegally arrested Caroline for "disorderly conduct".  Questioning or criticizing the police is protected by the first amendment.  Cops don't have the right to arrest someone just because they feel disrespected.  Caroline is suing the Atlanta Police Department and filing complaints against the officer involved.

For more information: http://www.copwatchoea.org

Another Reidsville Hunger Striker Speaks Out

Another hunger striking Reidsville prisoner has come forward to speak out about his protest. He and Kelvin J. Stevenson, whose letter I transcribed yesterday, are among four men on hunger strike since February 26. http://atlanta.indymedia.org/local/georgia-prisoners-hunger-strike-reids...

I began corresponding with some of the men who participated in the 2012 hunger strike a couple years ago, and I transcribed some of their letters and published them here: http://atlanta.indymedia.org/category/category/ga-prisoner-hunger-strike

This letter from LaDarius Colbert is entirely in his own words.


Georgia prisoners on hunger strike in Reidsville over harsh conditions

I have been correspondng with several prisoners in Georgia prisons since the 2012 prisoner hunger strike in Jackson. They have repeatedly tried to get redress for their grievances about mistreatment, and when those attempts have failed they have been forced to resort to hunger strike.  Here is a letter from one prisoner who has been refusing food since February 23.  It is all in his own words. 


Heat Index/// Anthony Hill Murdered by Cops


On Monday, 9 March 2015, Dekalb County police responded to a call about a reportedly “deranged” naked man crawling around, knocking on doors. The man, Anthony Hill — who was clearly unarmed — was shot to death by a Dekalb police officer. Hill is the latest in a long line of unarmed black men killed by police. He also reportedly suffered from bipolar disorder, following another troubling pattern of police killing those with mental illness.

Lead2015 Atlanta Celebrates World Leadership Day with 22 Global Leaders incl. President Bill Clinton 3/30-31/15

Atlanta, GAOptimum Living Consultants and HR.com, in celebration of World Leadership Day will present Lead2015 Atlanta, taking place at Georgia World Congress Center on March 30 and 31, 2015. Lead2015 features twenty-two renowned thought leaders, including keynote speaker, former United States President Bill Clinton, founder of the Clinton Foundation, who will share their personal stories at a leadership summit in Dallas, Texas on March 30 and 31 under the theme, “A World Inspired”.(#aworldinspired)

to the anarchists coming to atlanta

 Here is a repost of something I wrote prior to the 2004 g8 in Savannah. That protest was organized shortly after a huge protest in Miami which, by the protesters' count, drew some 10,000. For the sake of my own argument I accepted their count.

Regarding the reference to Savannah surviving Sherman, I should point out that Sherman came through Atlanta too and he set fire to it. I will also point out that setting fire to Atlanta did nothing to improve anybody's opinions of black people, northerners or the federal government. Sherman is still hated, is still mentioned out loud regularly and his name is used to salt down a variety of negative opinions. So any activists who were involved in setting fire to Ferguson who might be thinking of presenting an encore in Atlanta might consider that.

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