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Mexico: Bloody bourgeois repression and the “danse macabre” of the “far” left

Mexico: Bloody bourgeois
repression and the “danse macabre” of the “far” left

The Mexican bourgeoisie has once again shown its bloody face. On Sunday, June 19, at Nochixlan, heavily armed federal police murdered a dozen striking teachers and villagers who supported them in cold blood. They were blocking a highway in the south to prevent federal police from going to the capital of the state of Oaxaca, where striking teachers organized a encampment.

Faced with protesters who had nothing but sticks and stones to defend themselves, cops used tear gas, rubber bullets, live ammunition and helicopters. Police prevented ambulances from accessing the site during the hours of the confrontation and blocked the protesters who were trying to take the injured to hospital.

Puerto Rico Cuts Services as Budget Gap Grows

Puerto Rico's government continues to cut public services as the economic crisis worsens. The Government Development Bank announced this week that the island's budget gap is $2 billion higher than expected. The prison system in Puerto Rico can no longer pay a vendor that feeds inmates. Some special education teachers are no longer being paid.

In recent years, 200 schools have closed. The island's only children's hospital, which doesn't own an MRI machine, cut its budget by 14% in last two years. Pension funds that the government used to pay the debt are expected ‎to run out of money by 2020.

HR 676 Is Single Payer Health Insurance

I don't understand why the democrats running for president never mention HR 676. HR 676 is a single payer health insurance with no co-pays, deductibles, bills, premiums, networks and best of all it has no insurance companies.   Another funny thing about HR 676 is that you never see a commericial promoting this bill by ( Single Payer  Action ) or by ( Healthcare NOW )  or any other group.  Most groups pushing for HR 676 have a link to the complete bill or you can just type in HR 676 and search the internet for the complete text of the bill.

The Internationalist No. 42 is out!

The Internationalist No. 42 is out! Read the journal of revolutionary Marxism.

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In this issue:

Chicago, Baltimore, Cleveland, Minneapolis...
Democrats Are the Bosses of the Racist Killer Cops

¡V-I-C-T-O-R-I-A! Almacenistas de B&H logran triunfo histórico para el movimiento obrero y los derechos de los inmigrantes

Dossier: The Democratic Party and Racist Killer Cops

Drive U.S./NATO Imperialists Out of the Middle East!
Democrat Sanders Aboard the "War on Terror" Bandwagon

The League of Pre-Squeezed Lemons
Yesterday's "Obama Socialists," Today's Bernie Boosters

General Strikes Are Back in Greece: Revolutionary Leadership Needed


V-I-C-T-O-R-Y! B&H Workers in Big Win for Labor and Immigrant Rights

Flashpoint Syria: Russian Intervention and Imperialist Aggression

Why I Don't Use Facebook

Why I Don't Use Facebook
I want to explain why I don't use facebook because I feel like people think that I am just being quirky, paranoid, or silly for not using facebook the way other people do. In short, if I were to use facebook the way you all do I would put a lot of my close friends and loved ones, and myself, at serious risk of imprisonment. Quite frankly, with the kinds of friends I have, I'm not the kind of person who should be mapping out their social network for everyone to see. I know this probably sounds like bragging, but it's not.

Yesterday’s “Obama Socialists,” Today’s Bernie Boosters

Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign has nothing to do with winning people to socialism. It’s all about getting disaffected “progressives” and youth to vote Democratic in 2016. Sanders has placed much of the socialist left in a quandary, as reformists and opportunists dream of having an audience in big-time bourgeois politics. Some still want to maintain a pretense of independence from the Democratic Party of war, poverty and racism, while others want to go all the way, hoping to pick up disappointed Sanderistas when he endorses Clinton. Those who seek to maintain a pretense of independence from the Democrats call on Sanders to run as an “independent.” But historically, capitalist “third parties,” from La Follette’s Progressive Party to Nader and the Greens, are obstacles to working-class independence.

FBI Bait Disables 18 Year Old with 51 IQ into Joining ISIS as Terrorist

FBI Bait Disabled 18 Year Old with 51 IQ into Joining ISIS as Terrorist

by Peyton Pruitt in Bail on $1 Million Bail Wednesday, Dec. 30, 2015 at 6:49 AM


An 18 Year Old with an IQ of 51 was baited online by FBI agents into becoming a terrorist and joining ISIS. Though he can barely tie his own shoes and needs help while using the restroom, the FBI thought that he was prime material for ISIS and bomb making. He is being held in St. Clair County Alabama jail on $1 million dollar bail.


Unrest on the rise in Alabama prisons

Alabama prisons are some of the most abusive and overcrowded in the country, with some prisons having twice as many inmates as they are designed to hold. They are also extremely understaffed, a situation that is creating a crisis for authorities.  Alabama has a 1 to 11 inmate to guard ratio, compared to 1 to 6 in surrounding states.[1] St. Clair Prison has 281 security positions budgeted for but only 196 employed, and 60% of officers leave within their first five years.[2] It was locked down at least five times due to violent incidents in 2015.[2]

Fifty-one percent of Alabama’s inmate population is serving time for nonviolent property and drug offenses.[1] But the harsh conditions and brutality they have been enduring have created conditions that are perfect for the eruption of violence in prisons throughout the state. Prisoners have become more and more bold in resisting.

25 Locals Rally at Atl City Hall to Prevent Demolitionhs near Turner Field 12.18.2015

 65% OF us RESIDENTS OWN THEIR OWN HOME.in the US. This was an issue in the construction of parts of the national interstate system, the expansion of Georgia Teech into Home Park and numeous other battles.


Now the city of Atlanta is trying to demolish 16 private homes in the Peoplestown neighborhood. This is south of Turner Field near Summerhill and Mechanisville.


This is not a destitute area, it was built by the Peoples family and was essentially smaller Victorian homes with servants quarters in the back. It was serviced  by a streetcar and now is home to Hank Aaron Boulevard named for the home run king of the 1970's at Atlanta Fulton County Stadium.

There is a lack of businesses here, although there are some well taken care of homes and some that are not.


Stone Mountain: White Power Rally and Racist Rock Show Planned for April 23 2016

Summary: Neo-Nazis and Klansmen are planning a rally on April 23, 2016 at Stone Mountain, Georgia, as well as a racist rock show at a venue elsewhere that evening. Anti-racists will organize against these white power events. Please spread the word. We must resist this show of force by militant white supremacists.

The Upcoming “Rock Stone Mountain” Event

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