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Delayed Report on Atlanta Mike Brown Solidarity Demonstrations

In the spirit of renewed conflict in St. Louis and Ferguson, MO, following the police murder of 18 year old Vonderitt “Drew” Myers, we are posting a very brief round up of events which transpired in solidarity with the first wave of rioting in Ferguson in response to the killing of Mike Brown. In the event of no indictment for Darren Wilson, who killed Mike Brown, we hope to see disorder spread to every square inch of this country. In that spirit, we'd like to catalogue what has transpired so far.


grand jury Habersham report

11 Alive had posted a link to a pdf file of the entire grand jury report.



AZ2 Tamika Mars – An Inspiring Addition to the Officer Ranks

Aviation Maintenance Administrationman Second Class (AZ2), Tamika Mars, is being commissioned as an Ensign in the US Navy Reserves on Saturday October 4th, 2014.  She will take her officer’s oath in the presence of her family and unit.  This may seem like a very ordinary – perhaps commonplace – event  to those who don’t know this sailor, but there is nothing ordinary about Tamika Mars.

AZ2 Mars enlisted nine years ago, and quickly distinguished herself amongst her peers.  Fellow sailors in her current unit, a Sixth Fleet exercise support unit, hold AZ2 Mars in universally high esteem. 

Chief Petty Officer, Jason Ford, the unit’s highest ranking enlisted sailor, has said of Mars that she is a “go to person for important, time sensitive projects.”  She embodies “honor, courage, and commitment” in everything she does. 

Atlanta March and Rally Against School Pushout - October 4

“The fact that our schools place thousands of kindergartners each year in out-of-school suspension is reason alone for comprehensive school discipline reform,” said Pamela Perkins Carn of Interfaith Children’s Movement. “At five years old, we're telling children that school is not for you--you don't belong here. It's counter-intuitive to building a quality education system because, with each suspension, children are much less likely to graduate high school. At ICM, we understand that every child is a learner. Every child deserves the best education we can possibly give.”

This year the Georgia Partners of the Dignity in Schools Campaign will host the 2nd Annual March and Rally Against School Pushout at the Casey University Avenue Site in the Pittsburgh community of Atlanta as part of the National Week of Action.

leaderless resistance and anarchist revolutionh

Habersham grand jury starts Monday .........


police training problem

Power and authority without finesse are dangerous. That seems to be a problem with our police lately, all authority, no finesse. They may have gotten to this point because Israel has undertaken to provide training in anti-terrorism and drug interdiction to U.S. and specifically Georgia police officers. We can see how knowledgeable Israel is on these matters by the level of peace and tranquility that Israel enjoys. And now we are starting to look the same way.
Carlos Ortiz and Cheryl Greathouse have both traveled to Israel for training and now between the two of them they have injected it into nearly all training offered to Georgia officers at GPSTC Forsyth, the main training academy in the state of Georgia.
So what have we gained from this? A police force that is no finesse, just wack-a-mole. Just like Israel.



An Analysis of Police Violence

In December of 2011, a young man was shot by police in his back yard. The man’s name was Ariston Waiters and he was only 19 years old. He also left behind an one year old daughter. This incident may seem unusual, as the violence was unprovoked. It should also be noted that the victim was unarmed, not accused of committing any crime, and the officer is still working for the department. Additionally, the 19 year old was on his belly with one hand cuffed. The shooting officer, Luther Lewis, was called to another home. Instead of investigating a crime, he shot an innocent young man at point blank range in his back yard. Officer Lucas was at the wrong house and murdered a young father.

Heat Index///Ferguson Solidarity Statement


Over the past week and a half, the town of Ferguson, MO, has blossomed with resistance to the established system of white supremacy, and the forces of state and capitalist power that uphold this violent system with their gangs of armed henchmen, the police. The spark of this resistance was the murder of Mike Brown, an unarmed black teenager, by a white policeman. Brown, according to witnesses, was shot while holding his hands up, a universal symbol of surrender. In the midst of the uprising that followed Brown’s murder, another man, 25-year-old Kajieme Powell, was gunned down by St. Louis police for suspicion of having stolen two cans of soda.

Social Democratic Party of Germany Attacked with Stones in solidarity with Luke O’Donovan (Berlin)

Earlier this week here in Berlin, we threw paving stones through the windows of an office of the Social Democratic Party of Germany. We attacked with comrade Luke O’Donovan in our thoughts. Like Luke, our humble action was motivated by a love of life and an active rejection of a resignation to death.

from: http://325.nostate.net/?p=11490

The Little Miss Natural Pageant

The Little Miss Natural Pageant is a culturally based pageant for young black girls with natural hair ages 3-16. It was founded by Ms Aza A. Shukura out of Atlanta GA. Ms. Shukura had the idea of creating the pageant after a conversation about the increase of natural hair amongst Black women.

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