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wrapping fish with Dennia Marx' dead body

The newsmedia, watchdogs of the nation, are no longer pursuing any topics concerning Dennis Marx. He is yesterday's news. Try as I might I can't get any answers to a major question I have. Story after story after story named him as a sovereign citizen. Says who? Seriously, says who? Normally you would know someone is a sovereigh citizen because they say so out loud and/or they leave a paper trail that characterizes them as such. There are no quotations, citations or facts to support naming him as a sovereign citizen.
It makes a difference too, because according to MY research ... I actually DO a lot of research, unlike the news media ... sovereign citizens are designated by the fbi and splc as violent extremists. That's what set him up for such horrible treatment during what should have been a common drug raid.

READ THIS: Racial Violence with ATL White Radicals/Liberals

My name is Nigel, which may come from the latin word for dark. My name is British, but I am African. The continent is so large it could fit China, India, the U.S. and all of West and Eastern Europe within it and all I know is that I come from some place on this largest continent. The Europeans that kidnapped my ancestors apparently failed to keep the recipt. Although I can look at my facial features and skin tone to see that like 70-90% of African people living in the American empire, my captors' blood runs through my veins.

sovereign citizens, muslims, gpstc and Cheryl Greathouse


You have read about the scandal about police officers lying about their online training. This story broke because of the City of Cumming catching a number of its officers cheating on their training. Cumming is where Marx shot up the courthouse because of what he considered wrong treatment by corrupt officers.

By way of researching this topic, I looked up the online training division at gpstc. I discovered that the online division at gpstc is run by 2 people, one of whom is Cheryl Greathouse. Let me tell you what I remember from taking a 40 hour course run by Cheryl Greathouse.

ACT UP and Atlanta Allies to CDC: You're MIA on HIV!

At a press conference in downtown Atlanta tomorrow at 10:30 AM, a group of concerned activists will unveil "The Atlanta Principles," a point by point, activist-created program for the CDC to utilize to significantly reduce the rate of HIV transmission in the U.S. That rate is currently 50K per year, and disproportionately affects young gay men, gay men of color, and trans* women.

Since 1993, new cases of HIV among gay and bisexual men and transgender women have been on the rise. According to numerous local and national studies, they've spiked. In Atlanta, a recent study shows that 12% of young gay black men are getting HIV every year. Even in the CDC's own backyard, the HIV crisis continues to rage.

Up until recently, preventing sexual transmission of HIV meant one thing: condoms. Today, there are three additional, proven means of HIV prevention:

civil war in Forsyth County


Forsyth County Swat team attacked Dennis Marx.




Dennis Marx attacked the Forsyth County courthouse.



Letters from Prison Rebels - Update on Conditions, Pleas for Solidarity

As of 5/25/2012 there are no stikes no longer in effect at the Special Management Unit (SMU) here in Jackson, GA. However, there are still several of the participants of the strike who are currently challenging the cruel conditions of their confinement which imposes atypical hardships upon all inmates housed at the Unit.

Demonstration Against No-Knock Police Raids/ Justice for Bounkham Phonesavanh

On Wednesday, May 28th, the Habersham County Sheriff's department performed what they call a 'no-knock' drug raid on a suspected drug dealers house after a "confidential informant" (aka- hired snitch) made one purchase of methamphetamine. 

During the raid the SWAT team deployed an explosive 'flash grenade' into the home which landed in the crib of a 19-month old toddler, causing severe burns to his face and destroying one of his lungs.
The raid produced no drugs, no weapons, and did not produce the suspect they were looking for. 
The child is STILL at Grady Hospital in a medically induced coma and has only been given a 50% chance of survival.

let the desperate and the dead speak for America


On May 29, 2014 in Atlanta, GA in the U.S.A., police raided a home and tossed a flash bang grenade into the play pen with a sleeping 19 month old child in it. The child still struggles for his life. There are the usual howls of police brutality and the usual official declarations justifying the deeds done by the police. These are all entirely moot. Because the point is, the whole War on Drugs with its insane brutality and overflowing prisons and bloody casualties has done nothing whatsoever to solve the problem of addiction in America. And that was supposed to be the point. If you have problems with addiction and drug abuse in your family, all the blood and the bullets and the dead cops and babies are of no help to you whatsoever. And they are certainly of no help to the dead cops and babies and their grieving families.


HIV-Negative AIDS: is it CFS, GWS, or AIDS?

Allied NATO Government is hiding millions of NON HIV AIDS cases (like mine) under the "Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)" ICD-code.


- Dr. Lorraine Day on Cptn. Joyce Riley's military show THE POWER HOUR (09/12): "...HIV-Negative AIDS cases falsely reported and treated as CFS cases may be one of the biggest cover-ups we’ve ever seen..."


- In 1992 (i.e., after Gulf War 1) "...Newsweek made an even more shocking announcement: …CFS patients who had the same immune system deficiencies as the NON-HIV AIDS cases..."

Stalling Will Not Work: WRAS Protest Moved to June 29


We have decided to push back the protest until June 29th.

As many of you know, the radio station takeover by GPB has been pushed back until this date. This delay has been caused by two things: one, by our pressure on GSU and GPB and two, by bureaucratic hold-ups on the part of GPB.

We will use this delay as an opportunity to bring more attention to the day of action. We feel that this is another way we can keep applying pressure: the threat of massive collective action on campus in the event of a takeover can be very powerful.

We do not intend to allow this delay to discourage us or to divert our focus. Stalling will not work. We are excited about having more time for student programming – we are very excited – and we are hopeful about the potential to stop the takeover altogether.

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