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What would you do??? Letter from a man falsely imprisoned since 1996 - at age 17

What would you do???

I often find myself sitting within this cell wondering what would Jesus do if he was face with what I've been faced with???

And I ask you... What would you do if it was you??? What would you do if your family was robbed at gunpoint and the gunmen put the gun in oyur grandmother face and threaten to kill you & your grandmother along with everyone else???  What would you do if your grandmother called the police and the police only cites the gunmen for trespassing and released him back into the community without finding his gun??? What would you do if the gunmen came back to your grandmother apartment and threatened to kill you all again??? What would you do if you're trying to avoid a confrontation with the gunmen and he appears in your path reaching for something under his shirt????? What would you do if you feared for your life and feared for your family safety??? Would you protect yourself and your family???  Or would you continue to be a victim of this gunmen who the police released back into the community 5 minutes after they apprehended him without finding his gun???

"FUCK APD" graffiti spotted in Edgewood Courts, police investigating

383 Police were in Edgewood Courts this evening, taking photographs and asking questions about some graffiti that says "FUCK APD" on a wall near the playground, according to bystanders.  Copwatch received a call at 7:40 from someone who said police were at the playground photographing people.  The sidewalks also sported graffiti in the same color that said things like "1500 block".  By the time copwatch arrived, police were already gone. 

A few blocks away, at the corner of Foote and Wesley streets, the COPS unit of APD, responsible for making a show of "community outreach" was stationed all day with two vans and multiple cars, and a table set up.  No one approached or spoke to them that copwatch members are aware of.

Thoughts from a Georgia Prison Hunger Striker

In this piece, Georgia prisoner and former hunger striker Yahya Jihad Ali discusses his experience in Jackson State prison.  I have been corresponding with Yahya since he and 4 other hunger strikers in Jackson State Prison wrote a piece I submitted in March. I have typed the letter up exactly as he wrote it to me, as best I could:

382 The benefit that I'm still deriving from the hunger strike is the strength that I've gained from knowing that I survived not eating several days at a time.  Every time I go through a new struggle I draw comfort in the fact that I've been through worst.  In order to master a situation one must first master themselves.  I feel I have truly mastered the essence of who I am. 

Collective Resistance

By David Roberts - one of the first 10 original members of the Georgia prison hunger strikers, currently captive in Jackson Prison.

We have now seen it on the news...Atlanta police attacked a man for "asking some questions!?"  They pepper sprayed the man and beat him, then 7 or 8 of them jumped on him and handcuffed him.  Looked exactly like another Rodney King thing to me!

Luckily an unafraid brother had his cell phone handy and videotaped the whole incident.  This happened a couple of weeks ago and hopefully the man's friends have retained a good attorney for him and with the videotape evidence, he should be back out there and waiting for his day in court with a lawsuit pending and some of those that beat him fired!

New Materials for the Eager Combatant

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May 3, 2013

New Materials for the Eager Combatant

In light of recent anti-police activity here in Atlanta, we present a newly formatted version of the essay “Don’t Die Wondering: Atlanta Against the Police Winter 2011-2012.” The essay, which first appeared on a local blog seven months ago, catalogues a series of anti-police actions taken in Atlanta. “Don’t Die Wondering” includes exciting report-backs from the events, an extensive timeline, analysis produced from participants of the struggle, and a few pictures. This version of the text has been re-edited and contains an afterword written this spring.

From the piece

channel 2 on the attack

Channel 2 ABC, WSB has  gone on the attack against a Piggly Wiggly store in Delalb. They show some past prime produce, what looks like condensation running down the back wall of one of the coolers and make a big issue about how the store leaves unrefrigerated piles of raw meat out on tables to sell to the customers. I called them up and told them and told them what I saw on the screen was salt meat. Good old fatback, streak-o-lean, sowbelly. All that stuff. As the wife and mother of meat cutters, I have spent a good many hours packaging up that salt meat. It is preserved with salt and does not have to be refrigerated.


The fight against the AJC is long over due. It should be escalated. It could cover a wide range of important
issues. One of these is the issue of cross ownership of media outlets. The parent company Cox Enterprises has been
allowed access denied to most media corporations. Besides owning the Atlanta Journal and Constitution,
previously two separate newspapers, they own a radio station, a television station and have an Internet
presence with their on line version of the AJC. Because some holding were "grandfathered", they have been
determined legal. However these holding violate basic cross ownership laws in "principle". And principle seems to be a problem with this company. That is, they have none.

"Still Seeking Justice! Have You Seen It?" Writings from a Georgia Prison Hunger Striker

This is a piece written by Kelvin J. Stevenson, one of the Hunger Strikers in Jackson State Prison.  He sent it in a letter to me and I typed it up exactly as he wrote it.  Previous pieces by him and others are here and here.  You can write to Kelvin at the address he provides below. 


"Still Seeking Justice!  Have You Seen It?"

Atlanta's Burning 6 + Letter from the Editors

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April 26, 2013

Atlanta’s Burning Number 6


After nearly 3months, the 6th issue of Atlanta’s Burning is finally out! Please feel free to print and distribute however you please. We are posting this online as a pdf that is able to be printed on 8.5×11 paper, although we print ours on 11×17. To print, simply print on both sides of the page in the order they appear to you on the file.

Here is the file.


Thoughts on Changing the World *EDIT*

**Edit 4/25/13**

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