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Lead2015 Atlanta Celebrates World Leadership Day with 22 Global Leaders incl. President Bill Clinton 3/30-31/15

Atlanta, GAOptimum Living Consultants and HR.com, in celebration of World Leadership Day will present Lead2015 Atlanta, taking place at Georgia World Congress Center on March 30 and 31, 2015. Lead2015 features twenty-two renowned thought leaders, including keynote speaker, former United States President Bill Clinton, founder of the Clinton Foundation, who will share their personal stories at a leadership summit in Dallas, Texas on March 30 and 31 under the theme, “A World Inspired”.(#aworldinspired)

to the anarchists coming to atlanta

 Here is a repost of something I wrote prior to the 2004 g8 in Savannah. That protest was organized shortly after a huge protest in Miami which, by the protesters' count, drew some 10,000. For the sake of my own argument I accepted their count.

Regarding the reference to Savannah surviving Sherman, I should point out that Sherman came through Atlanta too and he set fire to it. I will also point out that setting fire to Atlanta did nothing to improve anybody's opinions of black people, northerners or the federal government. Sherman is still hated, is still mentioned out loud regularly and his name is used to salt down a variety of negative opinions. So any activists who were involved in setting fire to Ferguson who might be thinking of presenting an encore in Atlanta might consider that.

Organizers Launch Kickstarter to Fund Theater of the Oppressed Trainings in the Southeast

Southeastern organizers recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise $8,000 for three Theater of the Oppressed trainings in Atlanta, GA, Greensboro, NC, and Asheville, NC. The campaign will continue until December 28, 2014 and can be found at bit.ly/SoutheastTO.

Theater of the Oppressed is a method of performance centered around participation with the intention of dialogue, healing, and social transformation. It is “revolutionary living theatre: a rehearsal for life, a tool for collecting the wisdom of communities on specific issues, an exploration of self, and a way to process traumas and instances of oppression,” say organizers Roseanna Almaee, Ekua Adisa, Abi Koning, Alyzza May, Kate Morales, and Bex Orton.The trainings will feature internationally respected Theater of the Oppressed practitioner Marc Weinblatt of the Mandala Center for Change.

No New Animal Testing Lab!

Join Don't Expand UW Primate Testing and Chattahoochee Earth First-- be a part of a National Day of Action against Skanska USA on December 8th with a protest at their Atlanta office!

Skanska USA is planning to build a new animal lab for the University of Washington and has office locations all over the U.S. -- so this day of action is a chance to show them that people all over the country are telling them to cut their contract with the UW and NOT build a new animal lab. This campaign is a rare opportunity to stop the torture of thousands of animals in a lab before the facility is even built, so we must all work together to tell Skanska USA that there will be NO NEW ANIMAL LAB!

Call Out for Mass Indefinite Occupation

Following the non-indictment of Officer Darren Wilson in the brutal murder of Michael Brown, and the non-indictment of officer Daniel Pantaleo in the filmed strangulation of Eric Garner, we are announcing a mass indefinite occupation of Woodruff Park this Saturday, December 6, at 7pm.

We have been spat in the face. We know that others share this grief and rage with us. We are calling for everyone to join us in a mass experiment involving taking space, coordinating resources, and sharing ideas to continue the fight against this present disaster. The fight against police violence cannot be allowed to slowly wither away. For this reason, we think it is necessary to create a space for continuous organizing and we believe an occupation can provide this.

We stand in solidarity with rebels in Ferguson, New York City, Mexico and everywhere else fighting against police violence.

12/2 An Incomplete Timeline of the Struggle So Far

From https://atlfergusonsolidarity.wordpress.com/

On November 24th 2014, the prosecutor’s office of St. Louis County, MO announced that it would not indict police officer Darren Wilson for the shooting of Michael Brown. Immediately, the self-organized struggle against the police in Ferguson, MO and around the country took to the streets. The Ferguson skyline filled with smoke as thousands rampaged through the suburban streets and blocked the highways. In Oakland, CA hundreds burned trash bins, clashed with police, and marched onto the highway. In New York, demonstrators blocked the Brooklyn, Triboroughs, and Verazano bridges. This was only the beginning of what has become a nationwide composition, echoing back and forth from city to city in a pulsing rhythm of rebellion and refusal.





ATL Solidarity with Ft. Lauderdale Food Not Bombs


See video

To all the people in Ft. Lauderdale who are being jailed for sharing food with hungry people: we are with you.  To homeless people all over who are jailed for being poor: we are with you.  In Atlanta we have also been harassed and arrested for standing with homeless people and against greed and repression.  We will not stop, and we know you won't either.  When the law tries to break us, we break the law!

- Atlanta Food Not Bombs

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