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"Still Seeking Justice! Have You Seen It?" Writings from a Georgia Prison Hunger Striker

This is a piece written by Kelvin J. Stevenson, one of the Hunger Strikers in Jackson State Prison.  He sent it in a letter to me and I typed it up exactly as he wrote it.  Previous pieces by him and others are here and here.  You can write to Kelvin at the address he provides below. 


"Still Seeking Justice!  Have You Seen It?"

Atlanta's Burning 6 + Letter from the Editors

From https://blackdoordistro.wordpress.com/2013/04/26/atlantas-burning-number-6/,

April 26, 2013

Atlanta’s Burning Number 6


After nearly 3months, the 6th issue of Atlanta’s Burning is finally out! Please feel free to print and distribute however you please. We are posting this online as a pdf that is able to be printed on 8.5×11 paper, although we print ours on 11×17. To print, simply print on both sides of the page in the order they appear to you on the file.

Here is the file.


Thoughts on Changing the World *EDIT*

**Edit 4/25/13**

Heat Index///"Against Exaggeration"







Hey folks, please check out this new article by two of our collective members. It's titled "Against Exaggeration", and is a response to the SWARM blog post "Breaking with Delusion: Musings for Life Beyond the Left". Thanks for reading!


the SWARM article: http://swarmatlanta.org/breaking-with-delusion-musings-for-life-beyond-t...


Coalition for the Abolition of Marijuana Prohibition files for injunction in Federal Court against the City of Atlanta

For Immediate Release

The GREAT ATLANTA POT FESTIVALSaturday May 4th, Freedom Park Atlanta

NEWS RELEASE                                                                                              April 23, 2013

Heat Index/// "the State of Georgia vs Jason Moreland"






Hey folks, please check out this new addition to the "an Atlanta anarchist history" section of our blog. In light of the recent Boston bombing, it's a timely examination of the dangerous overreaction of the State.




It's Time to Pro-Cott Sevananda


For those of us working to build a horizontalist non-capitalist society, Sevananda, the natural foods grocery in Little Five Points is an important institution.  Sev is a local co-op owned by its 3000+ members. Anyone can join and become a “member-owner”

But Sevananda is in trouble now and may not survive.  According to a bulletin from an anonymous group of  “Sevananda Concerned Employees”  “the store is suffering several years of financial loss due to [the recession] and the inability to keep up with new ways of doing business.”  

The trouble is due to mismanagement by a small group of board members.   

21-year-old anti-fascist protester assaulted by police and arrested on Saturday, April 20, 2013

A 21-year-old woman was assaulted by the police and arrested yesterday while legally and non-violently protesting the Klan / Neo-Nazi / anti-immigrant demonstration that was going on at the Georgia Capitol in downtown Atlanta. She also faced extensive misogynistic and anti-LGBTQ sexual harassment during booking.

Partial coverage is at [ http://eastatlanta.patch.com/blog_posts/nazis-and-kkk-protest-atlanta-fr... ].

Any eyewitnesses and anyone with video or photos of the assault and arrest need to contact 2013.04.20.atlanta@gmail.com as soon as possible. Please spread the word!

Reportback on Anti-fascist Actions in Atlanta (April 19th and 20th)

On April 20th, about 200 people gathered to protest an anti-immigration rally being held by the neo-nazi group, National Socialist Movement and the Klu Klux Klan.

There were only about 40 fascists present at the rally - in contrast to the 200 people prepared to counter it. Counter-protesters held two banners, one reading  "Remember Tinley Park?" and "(A) - fight fascists". The surrounding streets were also adorned with some antifascist propaganda.

No Nazis Allowed in ATL

This poster is made to be printed on 11x17 paper and posted throughout Atlanta.

Text from the poster:


Saturday, Saturday April 20

At 2:30pm, the National Socialist Movement is holding an anti-immigration rally at the Georgia state capitol. The Atlanta government and the neo-nazis are on the same side of this conflict. Their efforts to displace the problems that riddle this world onto "outsiders" is nothing more than a convenient distraction from the problems themselves. This is not a neutral issue of "free speech"; a capitalist, sexist and white supremacist logic of domination governs this world. These systems of power trap us, creating divisions that keep us from finding each other and dismantling it together.


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