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Survival guide for long term unemployed

Religious” Leaders Are Ignoring

Experienced Workers Hit By Recession



The Dirty Energy Road Show is coming to Town!

       On Feb. 18th, 1975, 150 people took over the construction site of a nuclear reactor near the village of Wyhl, Germany. Local vine-growers allied with students and other rebels to stop the work in progress. While officials were planning to develop the tri-state area of France, Switzerland, and Germany into an enormous industrial valley, people took their future into their own hands.Due to the uncontrollable resistance of tens of thousands in response to the police brutality that ended the first occupation, the construction plans in Wyhl were completely abandoned by the government in 1983.

Blatant Abuse of Power


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I am here today to demand an immediate investigation into Metro Mall LLC and the many unjust practices in which they engage. They employed Mr. Darien Long as the On-Site Manager, but every since, he has become a vigilante pursuing his own flawed concepts of justice and using his immensely powerful position to retaliate against law-abiding citizens and wage war against black minorities who he alleges to be drug dealers. Furthermore, Metro Mall seems to be doing business under another name now and refuse to share any specific information regarding who owns the property or even the property management company itself.

Atlanta's Burning 5

From The Black Door

Atlanta’s Burning 5!

We are happy to release the 5th issue of Atlanta’s Burning. As always, feel free to download and print.

This issue came out almost two weeks ago on bright yellow paper. If you got one…that’s special edition.

  1. On the New Year’s Stabbing Incident
  2. From an anonymous leaflet
  3. Banish Chief Turner
  4. Against the Right to Be Racist
  5. Reportback: Anti-Prison Noise Demonstration(s)
  6. Egyptian Black Bloc
  7. Communique: Surveillance Cameras Dismantled

Front (11×17)

Back (11×17)

Homeland Security Unit Detective P.B. Jackson at Egypt Solidarity Demo


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On February 6th, 2013, Atlanta anarchists held a march and rally in solidarity with anarchists in Egypt. As is to be expected, the Atlanta Police sent out a detective from the department's Homeland Security Unit (HSU) to monitor the demonstration and take pictures of activists.

A man was noticed sitting on a bench, taking photos and video with his cellphone between typing out text messages. Copwatchers approached the conspicuous man and asked for his name and assignement number, which all APD officers are obligated to provide while on duty. He immediately identified himself as Detective P.B. Jackson with the HSU.

342 Detective P.B. Jackson - Atlanta Homeland Security











Reportback: Solidarity w/Egyptian Uprising

Last week, on February 6th, roughly 30 solidarians met to show support with the anarchist and antiauthoritarian revolutionaries in Egypt and their ongoing struggle against the state which is being met with repression.

We met at the plaza in Little 5 Points around a banner and passed out leaflets explaining the situation in Egypt. The crowd happily socialized in the plaza for roughly 45 minutes.

An undercover police officer filmed the gathering and local Copwatchers approached the man with their cameras before the crowd marched toward Moreland Avenue. The demo circled around the neighorhood chanting anti-police and revolutionary slogans while blocking traffic before dispersing with no arrests.

Not one step back, comrades.

Security Camera Smashed

We smashed a security camera near the front door of a popular Atlanta business

We know this camera films countless faces each week and we were excited to break it

It was fairly large so we used a hammer

We decided to act in response to the previous attack on surveillance cameras here just last week


This was very easy and we hope that others join in on the fun


For anyone with a heart, for anyone with a secret.

A slap in the face

David Roberts was one of the first 10 original members of the Georgia prison hunger strikes.

"I would love to hear from you!  I'm in prison, but you can write me at:
David E. Roberts #396873
GDCP/SMU P.O. Box 3877
Jackson, GA 30233
Or, you can email davidroberts@riseup.net and the message will be relayed to me. I can write you back the same way!  Or on Facebook "

People TV - ATL Public Access Accepting Channel Applications

People TV, Atlanta's public access television station is accepting new programming for cablecast on Comcast Channel 24 in Atlanta, Georgia.  Priority is given to programming produced by Atlanta residents, but programming is accepted from non-Atlanta residents.   Applications are accepted for weekly, bi-weekly, monthly programs or one time specials.  Documentaries, short videos, community forums, are welcomed.    Programming guidelines may be found at http://www.peopletv.org/pdf/ptv_producer_handbook.pdf.    If you are interested in submitting a channel application, call 404-873-6712 or send email to ptvproducerhotline@yahoo.com. 


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