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According to the Georgia State Capitol Events webpage, The neo-nazi organization National Socialist Movement (NSM) along with other racist white supremacist groups such as the Ku Klux Klan will be holding their 2013 National meeting & anti-immigration rally in Atlanta and it's no coincidence that they are doing it on Hitler's birthday. Although the meeting is being held in an undisclosed location, here is the info for the rally:

SATURDAY APRIL 20, 2013 at 2:30 PM
WHERE: THE GEORGIA STATE CAPITOL -- 206 Washington Street SW Atlanta, GA 30334 (close to GSU MARTA Station)

This call to action is really short notice, but these racist pieces of shit aren't fucking welcome here or anywhere so get together with your ppl and come out to make sure they know this!!!!!!!! Bring banners, drums, pots, pans, whatever.


Anarchist Reading Group: Compilation of Desired Readings

At the first iteration of this round of "An Atlanta Anarchist Reading" a list was compiled of all the things the people present wanted to read. It seemed to be the case that this list could be referenced and that subsequent texts would be chosen from it. (It also seemed to be the case that a new list could be sent around so that new, more relevant texts could be added as things occured.)

Here is the list so everyone can read it. (In no particular order)

- Autonomous Self Organization and Anarchist Intervention: A Tension in Practice - Wolfi Landstriecher

- Call - Anonymous

- The Anarchist Tension - Alfredo M. Bonanno

- Who is Oakland?: Anti-Oppression Activism, the Politics of Safety, and State Co-optation

- Fire Extinguishers and Fire Starters: Anarchist Interventions in the Spanish Revolution

- "This thing not yet written about gender and the insurrectionary subject"

- Something from LIES: A 2012 journal of materialist feminism

Poster: It's Hot Out in Edgewood: Fuck the Heat

This poster is made to be printed on 11x17 paper and posted everywhere. Many have been posted in the Edgewood Court apartments alongside the poster "War in the Neighborhood." Some residents have responded favorably to the posters and they recieved mention in the press conference head-pig Chief Turner did on the riot that took place on April 9th.

Text from the poster:

"For the second night in a row, people confronted the police in Edgewood Court in response to endless repression, raids, and harrassment. The march at 5pm took on a different character than the previous standoffs with the police in Edgewood. This time, instead of waiting for the police to attack, people went out on their own terms.

New Heat Index blog post//"Edgewood: Tensions Increase Between the Poor and Police"







Hey folks, please check out this new article by one of our collective members. It's his take on the recent police violence in Edgewood (Atlanta), the reasons surrounding it, and the resistance that's growing.



Video of Police Violence in Edgewood Courts


See video

Via Copwatch: http://www.copwatchoea.org/content/cops-beat-youth-spray-beat-and-arrest...

April 08, 2013

The first segment of video shows a youth being carried by officers after he was reportedly beaten by Officer Hall (#6728).

A crowd gathered and objected to the violence, and Lt. MJA Lewis (#3211) responded by attacking a man and woman in the crowd. They were both thrown to the ground, pepper-sprayed, and beaten while on the ground. The man was struck in the head, and has suffered a blood clot in his eye and other medical problems related to the beating.

Finally, the father of the woman who was arrested speaks out about the abuse of his daughter and son-in-law.

Anti-Police Riot in Edgewood Courts

Today, April 9th 2013, there was a riot in Edgewood, a neighborhood northeast of downtown Atlanta. The area is almost entirely residential and is about a year behind in the ongoing gentrification of Atlanta.
Around fifty people gathered for a "March Against the Police" with drums, banners, and a desire for vengeance at the playground in Edgewood Courts, an apartment complex in the back of the neighborhood. Edgewood Courts contains some of the few remaining low income housing units in Atlanta. Yesterday, the police pepper sprayed a group of kids and beat and arrested a man grieving over his lost father.

Poster: War in the Neighborhood

This poster, attached below, is made to be printed on 11x17 paper and posted around town everywhere.

"On April 8th, residents at Edgewood Courts apartments confronted dozens of Atlanta police officers who were attacking a crowd of people. What made this event remarkable was not the repression -- beatings and arrests are standard police behavior -- but that people fought back.

The specific events are not clear to us, but we understand this struggle as another moment of the endless conflict between populations and the police designed to control them: Oakland 2010, Seattle 2011, Anaheim 2012, and East Flatbush, Brooklyn a few weeks ago. All over the country, neighborhoods have organized to resist their common enemy: the cops.

New Heat Index blog post//"Some Thoughts on Changing the World"







Please check out the new blog post by one of our collective members, and feel free to comment on and dicsuss the post on the Heat Index site. The piece is titled "Some Thoughts on Changing the World", and deals with lulls in political activity and the compartmentalization of our lives. Thanks for reading!



Some Thoughts on Changing the World

The Gay Marriage Controversy

Sorting Out the Mess Surrounding

the Gay Marriage Controversy



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