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Police in Cobb County kill rapist

Should we celebrate this or should we be outraged?

On one hand, the police killed someone.

On the other hand, the guy was a piece of shit rapist.

My ideology gets confusing sometimes...


Parking Meters Disabled for Ian Stark, Jesus Huerta

Over the past week, we glued the coin and card slots of 54 parking meters along Edgewood, Auburn, Jessie Hill, Ponce de Leon, and DeKalb Ave.

Additionally, some 7 meters were partially glued shut. Because of carelessness or mechanicle error, some meters had the coin slots glued shut but the credit-card slots left open, or vice versa. We found if we did not hold the glue in place with a piece of scrap metal, it had the potential of running down the machine before drying.

Lastly, five electronic ParkAtlanta pay-machines were glued shut which, we hoped, would free up parking for 35 additional spaces. We have since found out that customers can pay for any parking spot within an area at any of these machines nearby. Those who endeavor to disable these machines in the future should work with this knowledge: you have to destroy all of the machines on a strip in order for the payment process to be frozen.

Poster: Queer Means Dangerous

This poster was created as a token of love and in solidarity with all those who resist. From Luke O'Donovan to the Trans-Liberation marchers Atlanta has many reasons to be proud.

Keep fighting and never ever stop! <3

Text from the poster comes from toward the queerest insurrection


Calendar Grrlz

On the weekend of Black Friday, a group of three people emptied a calendar stand of its entire stock of sexist and objectifying products.  

Every day on the way to work, we had to walk by this kiosk.  Each passing encounter forced a specific sexuality and beauty standard upon us, and we couldn't take it anymore.  We were sick of being told that our worth is equivalent to what aesthetic pleasure our bodies can afford someone else (typically a man).   

If your environment disturbs you, disturb it.

Tires slashed on Dekalb police cruisers

Earlier this week we slashed the tires out of a Dekalb county police vehicle. The vehicle was parked near the East Lake MARTA station on a residential street with no officer inside.

This small action was taken in solidarity with the friends and family of Jesus "Chuy" Huerta, killed in a Durham police cruiser in North Carolina. We are inspired by the brave actions taken against the police in his memory and hope to see it spread.

Keep fighting and make them pay.

R.I.P Chuy

Snitching and Collaboration: The Case of Luke O'Donovan


I may post more in the comments, additional parts if I am so inclined, either as a response to challenges, questions, or remarks, or as some more spontaneous development. 

I realize some may have been/ may be supporting Luke by posting, reposting, or linking, without much research or dwelling on the situation. 

I endeavor to mostly just "walk through" the already available information. To bring it the foreground.  I will provide a few personal anecdotes to help it click.

shameless rich



At the worst of Georgia's ten year draught the roadkill did not decay. It just lay there and shriveled into mummified bodies in the terrible dry heat. During this time landscapers and nurseries suffered economically and some went out of business because the water rationing deprived them of the water necessary for their plants and their businesses to live.


It caught my attention therefore when I saw the landscapers for a posh, high dollar shopping center pumping water from a small creek into a 500 gallon tank truck for their plants. They were pumping so much that they just left their pump sitting on the creek bank between runs. The little creek was down to little but a mud hole and stunk like sour mop water.


Million Mask March-- 2 Arrests

Attention! Two Anons Arrested at Atlanta Million Mask March!

Around 50 people assembled at Centennial Park this morning to join the Million Mask March-Atlanta. Though the numbers were a far cry from the 300+ attendees on the Facebook page, some courageous ones decided to march together and pass out leaflets to spread our message. The demonstration enjoyed the cheers of passersby and made a presence in a large section of the downtown area.

After briefly regrouping to march to the Booz Allen Hamilton Atlanta office - the local chapter of the tech consultation group contracted by the NSA and former employer of brave leaker/whistleblower Edward Snowden - the demonstration was quickly flanked by more than a dozen Atlanta Police squad cars. The police made a short, inaudible announcement and abruptly snatched up two Anons from the crowd and forced them into their cruisers, allegedly for wearing masks.

O22 March Reportback

For the third year in a row, social antagonists intervened in the October 22nd Coalition's annual "March Against Police Brutality and the Criminalization of a Generation." Around 40 people gathered at Woodruff Park, many wearing the black and hoods the call out requested. While speakers talked through the megaphone at the crowd, police on the side of the park began arresting a young black man.Although  few were willing to participate in surrounding the cops-as it required crossing the line between sidewalk and street, symbolic of the line between order and transgression- most heckled the police and nobody stopped others from blocking traffic. This minor violation set the tone for the rest of the evening.  
Througout the event, demonstrators stopped outside of administration buildings where a few brief statements were made.  

Statement of the Trans Liberation Marchers

Organizers with TWIST (Trans Women In Solidarity Together) along with associated comrades planned and executed a breakaway Trans Liberation March on Saturday, October 12.

25-30 Liberation Marchers met at the rallying point for the cisgender-led “official” Trans March but took to the streets as the corporate-endorsed march began its unannounced route through depopulated areas of Piedmont Park.

After taking sections of 12th, Juniper, and 14th street, the marchers reentered the park to protest through the entirety of Atlanta Pride’s extensive vendor corridor.

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