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Checking In On Background Checks


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Friday, June 14th, 2013 was the six month anniversary of the shooting at Sandy Hook, Ct. Across America, gun control advocates spoke out nation wide demanding universal background checks and stronger gun control legislation. In Georgia, the local chapters of Mom's Demand Action and Mayors Against Illegal Guns held a press conference outside the offices of Senator Johnny Isakson in Cobb Co. Senator Isakson had publicly stated that he supported the Mansion-Toomey bill, which calls for background checks on all gun sales. Yet, when the vote was called, he voted against the bill, even though 91% of the American public was in favor of the bill. Victims of gun violence spoke about their experiences, and demanded that next time Sen. Isakson vote with the majority of the American public, and not the gun lobby. This film runs 45 minutes.

Counting Activists: Keep Jaye in Her Home Candlelight Vigil


NAME OF ACTION:   Keep Jaye in her home CandleLight  Vigil

DESCRIPTION OF ACTION:   Home Defense of Jaye Crawford:  First Public Action   

CITY & DATE   Decatur, GA:     June 5th, 2013

ACTION TYPE:   Evening Vigil  
  SPECIFIC LOCATION:  209 Mt Vernon Drive, Decatur
[residence of Hugh Trotti, landlord of Warehouse Lofts]  

ORGANIZER:  Ooha  [Occupy Our Homes Atlanta]       

COUNT           23 =   My count of the participants


Restore the Fourth Atlanta

Many of us are by now aware of the leaks by Ed Snowden. If you don't, here is a good start:


These revelations have led to a new movement of people fighting to restore the 4th amendment, it's called #restorethefourth. Here are some links to Atlanta-specific pages:



Many will have criticisms of this, and many are well-founded. I have jumped in because some people are doing something.

Atlanta's Burning Number 7

June 11, 2013

Atlanta’s Burning Number 7

After distributing nearly 100 copies at this weekend’s first Atlanta Zine Fest we now publish the 7th issue of Atlanta’s Burning for digital download!

This newsletter can be picked up from the newspaper box in front of Bound to Be Read Books in East Atlanta Village and from other anarchist gatherings and meet ups. Hopefully the newsletter will be distributed at more public locations soon.

Download for reading (We print on 11×17 but you can also print on 8.5×11 if you use the full page and staple the edges)


Heat Index///On the Corner







Hey folks,
The Heat Index collective has published it's first issue of the quarterly newspaper, On the Corner. Pdf's can be downloaded here: http://www.heatindexatl.info/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/Summer20131.pdf

Below is an article from the first issue of On the Corner, written by Slim


J.O.B.: Just Over Broke

Or “Hustlin’ on Poverty Wages”

By: Slim

Counting Activists: Atlanta March Against Mxsantx


NAME OF ACTION:   March Against MxSantx [aka Monsatan, Monstinko]

CITY & DATE:   Atlanta:  2013, May 25th, Saturday

ACTION TYPE:    March + Rallies
SPECIFIC LOCATION:     Beltline:  fr SE cor Piedmont Park to North Av


921 = My count for the  gathering in Piedmont Park  before the march

647 = My count for the number of marchers on the Beltline going south from Piedmont Park

418 = My count for the number gathered at the rallying point on the Beltline  above North Avenue

Most Heard Chant:  

What do we Want?      Labels

When do we want them?     Now!!

--Brian S Sherman

March Against Monsanto in Atlanta


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May 25th, 2013 was the world wide protest against bio-tech giant, Monsanto. Over two million people from over 52 countries took to the streets to demand an end to genetically modified organism's, or GMO's, in their food...and at the very least to have GMO foods labeled. In Atlanta Georgia, about 650 people marched from Piedmont Park in Midtown, down the beltline, and stopped several times to listen to speakers and meet new allies. The rally and march was organized by local food advocates, the Food Supply Rescue Coalition. With Monsanto fighting against a GMO labeling bill in California, and now the recently passed "Monsanto Protection Act", people are beginning to demand accountability, labeling, and more organic food choices. But most of all, citizens are demanding that corporations like Monsanto stop taking over the very governmental agencies that are supposed to monitor, test, and ban or regulate their products. This film runs 24 minutes.

Video of Anarchist Panel in Atlanta


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Video of some of the presentations at an anarchist panel discussion in Atlanta, GA.
Presenters covered topics such as youth organizing, local anti-police struggles, and neighborhood-based organizing.

Organizing and Funding Opportunity for all of GA!

GCDD Real Communities Initiative
Building Inclusive Neighborhoods in Georgia

What would you do??? Letter from a man falsely imprisoned since 1996 - at age 17

What would you do???

I often find myself sitting within this cell wondering what would Jesus do if he was face with what I've been faced with???

And I ask you... What would you do if it was you??? What would you do if your family was robbed at gunpoint and the gunmen put the gun in oyur grandmother face and threaten to kill you & your grandmother along with everyone else???  What would you do if your grandmother called the police and the police only cites the gunmen for trespassing and released him back into the community without finding his gun??? What would you do if the gunmen came back to your grandmother apartment and threatened to kill you all again??? What would you do if you're trying to avoid a confrontation with the gunmen and he appears in your path reaching for something under his shirt????? What would you do if you feared for your life and feared for your family safety??? Would you protect yourself and your family???  Or would you continue to be a victim of this gunmen who the police released back into the community 5 minutes after they apprehended him without finding his gun???

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