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civil war in Forsyth County


Forsyth County Swat team attacked Dennis Marx.




Dennis Marx attacked the Forsyth County courthouse.



Letters from Prison Rebels - Update on Conditions, Pleas for Solidarity

As of 5/25/2012 there are no stikes no longer in effect at the Special Management Unit (SMU) here in Jackson, GA. However, there are still several of the participants of the strike who are currently challenging the cruel conditions of their confinement which imposes atypical hardships upon all inmates housed at the Unit.

Demonstration Against No-Knock Police Raids/ Justice for Bounkham Phonesavanh

On Wednesday, May 28th, the Habersham County Sheriff's department performed what they call a 'no-knock' drug raid on a suspected drug dealers house after a "confidential informant" (aka- hired snitch) made one purchase of methamphetamine. 

During the raid the SWAT team deployed an explosive 'flash grenade' into the home which landed in the crib of a 19-month old toddler, causing severe burns to his face and destroying one of his lungs.
The raid produced no drugs, no weapons, and did not produce the suspect they were looking for. 
The child is STILL at Grady Hospital in a medically induced coma and has only been given a 50% chance of survival.

let the desperate and the dead speak for America


On May 29, 2014 in Atlanta, GA in the U.S.A., police raided a home and tossed a flash bang grenade into the play pen with a sleeping 19 month old child in it. The child still struggles for his life. There are the usual howls of police brutality and the usual official declarations justifying the deeds done by the police. These are all entirely moot. Because the point is, the whole War on Drugs with its insane brutality and overflowing prisons and bloody casualties has done nothing whatsoever to solve the problem of addiction in America. And that was supposed to be the point. If you have problems with addiction and drug abuse in your family, all the blood and the bullets and the dead cops and babies are of no help to you whatsoever. And they are certainly of no help to the dead cops and babies and their grieving families.


HIV-Negative AIDS: is it CFS, GWS, or AIDS?

Allied NATO Government is hiding millions of NON HIV AIDS cases (like mine) under the "Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)" ICD-code.


- Dr. Lorraine Day on Cptn. Joyce Riley's military show THE POWER HOUR (09/12): "...HIV-Negative AIDS cases falsely reported and treated as CFS cases may be one of the biggest cover-ups we’ve ever seen..."


- In 1992 (i.e., after Gulf War 1) "...Newsweek made an even more shocking announcement: …CFS patients who had the same immune system deficiencies as the NON-HIV AIDS cases..."

Stalling Will Not Work: WRAS Protest Moved to June 29


We have decided to push back the protest until June 29th.

As many of you know, the radio station takeover by GPB has been pushed back until this date. This delay has been caused by two things: one, by our pressure on GSU and GPB and two, by bureaucratic hold-ups on the part of GPB.

We will use this delay as an opportunity to bring more attention to the day of action. We feel that this is another way we can keep applying pressure: the threat of massive collective action on campus in the event of a takeover can be very powerful.

We do not intend to allow this delay to discourage us or to divert our focus. Stalling will not work. We are excited about having more time for student programming – we are very excited – and we are hopeful about the potential to stop the takeover altogether.

Georgia Peace and Justice Coalition's "Right to Peace" Walk 2014


See video
See video

The Georgia Peace and Justice Coalition's “Right to Peace” walk was a 120 mile peace walk from Fort Benning in Columbus, Georgia, culminating with a rally at the Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech) in Atlanta. The walk drew attention to the link between the research and development of the next generation of killer autonomous drones by Georgia Tech, their partnership with the Maneuver Battle Lab at Fort Benning where Ga Tech conducts drone flight testing, and the training of Latin America regime’s police and military forces at Ft. Benning’s School of the Americas (SOA/WHINSEC) in the use of the tools and tactics of oppression.

May 1st Anticapitalist March


A Quick Summary

Around 6:30, between 30 and 40 people gathered at Freedom Park to attend the "Anticapitalist March." After a few words from some participants, masks were offered to those in the crowd and the group began their way up Moreland Avenue toward Little 5 Points. This route was the preferred marching path for several years up until 2012.

Hambach Forest's solidarity with our friend & comrade Earthworm

The occupation at the Hambach Forest [Germany] wants to express solidarity and love for our friend and comrade Earthworm.

In midst of preparations, possibilities and actions sad news about a horrible accident had occurred.

So we wanted to take a moment and cordially announce our best wishes of recuperation to our friend!

All our energy and support goes out to Earthworm and the dear people around her.

We do not have many words fit:

Fucking hell, get well soon!


National Socialist Movement to Hold Conference, Rally in Chattanooga on April 25-26

National Socialist Movement to Hold Conference, Rally in Chattanooga
April 25, 2014 - April 26, 2014
from: http://onepeoplesproject.com/

The National Socialist Movement (NSM) has announced that their 40th anniversary national meeting will be held in Chattanooga, Tennessee on Friday, April 25th and Saturday, April 26th.

April 27th is Holocaust Remembrance Day (Yom HaShoah), a national memorial day in Israel set aside to commemorate ”the approximately six million Jews who perished in the Holocaust as a result of the actions carried out by Nazi Germany and its accessories, and for the Jewish resistance in that period” according to Wikipedia.

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