Know Your Rights / How to Copwatch Trainings

Sun, 12/09/2012 - 5:00pm - 9:30pm
The Teardown
80 Mayson Ave
Atlanta, GA
United States

Know Your Rights (5pm)

Learn how to assert your basic constitutional rights when dealing with the police.

Do you know what information you're required to give to police? Do you know how to effectively refuse a search of your property? Do you know when you are required to hand your ID card over to an officer?

Come learn and practice these skills with live role playing in Copwatch of East Atlanta's Know Your Rights Training!

Learn to Copwatch (7pm)

You have a constitutionally protected right to video record the police in public! But actually doing so can be risky...

Come learn how to legally, safely, and effectively film the police from Copwatch of East Atlanta. We'll teach you our policies and procedures for how WE combat police brutality.

(Copwatch of East Atlanta requires that you recieve both the Know Your Rights training AND the How to Copwatch training if you are going to work with us. You MUST know how to assert your rights if you are going to effectively and safely record the police)