Submission Guidelines

Articles which do not meet the standards for publishing may be "hidden", meaning they will not be displayed on the front page or any of the newswires. These articles are still viewable here, along with an explanation of why they were hidden.
The following types of content may be hidden:

* Commercial advertisements

* Spam

* Blatant and aggressive racism, sexism, homophobia, or other "hate speech"

* Deliberate or obvious disinformation

* Unfounded conspiracy theories

* Plagiarism or mis-attribution (claiming to be a real person who you are not)

* Information illegal under US law - effectively things that will cause the government to shut us down

* Duplicate posts or obvious test posts

* Articles primarily intended to promote Scientology, or Scientologist front groups.

Once hidden, content is only completely deleted from the IMC if it meets one of the following conditions:

* It is obvious spam

* Making it available at all will put the IMC in legal jeopardy

* It is taking up an unacceptably large amount of server space

* It contains computer code that will disrupt the site or user's computers, such as viruses or security exploits.


Articles are featured in 1 of 3 newswires, and possibly on the front page as well. The three newswires are Local, Global, and Other Media:

The Local Newswire is reserved for articles that are specially relevant to Atlanta or the surrounding area, for example articles about local politics or protests in Atlanta.

The Global Newswire is for articles about national issues, international issues, or other articles that don't fit in the Local Newswire.

The Other Media newswire is for articles from other alternative or mainstream media sources, for example the Atlanta Journal-Constitution or Democracy Now!. If an article was published elsewhere first, it should appear here.

Articles from any of these newswires may also be featured on the front page if they meet some or all of these standards:

* Especially high quality

* Especially timely or relevant to current issues

* By Atlanta locals

* Featured in the Local Newswire