Kelli's Childcare Collective of Atlanta Fall Fundraiser

Fri, 11/30/2012 - 5:00pm - 9:00pm
Kelli's Childcare Collective of Atlanta Fall Fundraiser
1624 Paxon St. SE Atlanta, GA 30317
Atlanta, GA
United States
KCCA is having a special fundraiser this fall!

We will be eating, drinking, enjoying music and performances, and roasting marshmellows over a fire pit

Featuring Live Musical Guests:

6pm: Evan Fillon (of The Dandyls) performing kids'songs n' spirituals.
6:45pm:SnakeShark playin' some family friendly appalacian ghost punk
7:30pm: Beau Victrola : prog-folk. songs about love and friendship.
8:15pm: Georgia Slim of I Want Whiskey
Renee Cooper will dazzle us with a beautiful hula-hoop performance

This will be a post-Thanksgiving potluck, so please bring your leftovers to share!

The space has an old camper that has been converted into a party bar -the oh-so-popular KCCA Sunrise cocktails will be on sale for $4 a cup

Sliding scale $5-$10 (to whatever you can give) entry

If you can't attend but would like to donate, please visit and follow the link to the paypal page.

This event is a fundraiser to help cover Amariah's legal costs she has taken on in pursuit of visitation rights to see her little brother, Caden. Amariah has always been both incredibly close to Caden and, while their mother was alive, financially supportive of them both. In the last couple of years, his new guardians (his paternal grandparents) have been slowly but surely putting more restrictions on the amount of time she's been able to spend with him until the end of July, when they realized Amariah was considering seeking litigation in order to keep being a significant part of her brother's life, at which point they told her she could no longer see Caden or speak to him on the phone. Amariah is the founder of Kelli's Childcare Collective of Atlanta, an organization she started in honor of her late mother Kelli, who is also Caden's mother. Amariah is being cut out of Caden's life in large part due to her politics and deep connection to her mother. KCCA stands behind Amariah in her pursuit of visitation rights because we believe that she has a right to be in her brother's life, and he has a right to make his own decisions about who he spends his time with. There is absolutely no rational reason their family situation should have come to this, but such are the lengths people will go to in order to keep children from being influenced by those who see the world in different ways. It is important that we support her struggle, as a community, to remain a radical and loving influence on the life of the person she cares most about.


Re: Kelli's Childcare Collective of Atlanta Fall Fundraiser

Barbara Brown,

It is the opinion of me and my lawyer that you are a moron, and that you should please go fuck yourself.

Re: Kelli's Childcare Collective of Atlanta Fall Fundraiser

Barbara Brown,

You are either misinformed about the law - in which case you should probably get a different lawyer - or you are using bogus legal threats to try to intimidate people out of exercising free speech on the internet - in which case you should be ashamed of yourself.

Either way, nobody is scared of you.

Re: Kelli's Childcare Collective of Atlanta Fall Fundraiser

It is illegal to use my child's name and his story (at least Amariah's version of it) in any public way.  You may not use him in order to collect funds of any kind.  If this fundraiser is not stopped, we will be forced to file criminal charges against both Amariah Huth/Love and the Kelli's Childcare Collective. 

Barbara Brown