Lets Replace Private Health Insurance Vampires With Single Payer Health Insurance

The private health insurance companies are just like vampires in that they are true parasites of humans.  Whie vampires drain you of your blood the private health insurance companies drain you of ALL of your money.  Another problem is that the republicans in congress always protect the  health insurance ( Vampires ) at all costs.

So how do we rid society of these vampires which are called private health insurance.  One place to start is for you to visit the internet site of ( Single Payer Action ) where you will find news stories about single payer health insurance.  For example at the internet site  of ( Single Payer Action ) there are news stories stating that there are no long lines of people in Canada seeking treatment.  This non-profit ( Single Payer Action ) wants to have single payer health insurance with no deductibles, co-pays, or bills.

So if you want to rid society of these vampires visit "Single Payer Action" and vote for democrats this november.

One last note.  This internet site CAPTCHA Questions are so badly written that to often you can not make out their letters.