Pro-Romney Right Wing Judge Rules for Sheriff Arpaio

Arpaio-style Law in Future for U.S. With Romney appointments.


If Romney is elected, the U.S. can expect more right-wing judicial appointees like the Judge in the following link who is a passionate pro-Arpaio right-wing Judge sitting on the Arizona federal Bench.  Talk about right-wing judicial activism, this Judge has violated fundamental judicial ethical cannons in his blind campaign supportive of Arpaio cronies from the bench. 


This judge has single-handedly taken the ABA  Model Rules of Professional Conduct and ABA Model Code of Judicial Conduct and flushed them down the toilet.  A little too much order in this Court reminiscent of 1930s fascist tribunals.  The court papers at the link detail a campaign of a judicial home-bred terrorist …  more on the way if Romney has a say.


Hold on for a new era of police state terror in the U.S. with Right-Wing judicial appointees.


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