Microphone Demo: Solidarity w/West Coast Hunger Strikes

Sun, 07/14/2013 - 4:00pm - 6:00pm
Five Points MARTA
peachtree street
Atlanta, GA
United States

Over 30,000 Californian prisoners have begun a hunger and work strike against their conditions. In solidarity, youth prisoners in Washington have gone on strike and issued demands of their own. In Youngstown, Ohio prisoners have recently decided to join the strike. Point being, prisoners in the US are sharpening their struggle and increasing their self-organization and we must do the same.

Multiple hunger strikes and at least one riot have taken place in Georgia prisons in the last few years. This struggle can have local implications.

An ad hoc "strike support committee" has been meeting to amplify the struggle of the California prisoners and to link their struggle to inmates here. In addition to a letter-writing and strategy meeting which will occur next week, the group has decided to hold weekly "microphone demos" every Sunday at the Five Points MARTA for as long as the strike persists. The demos will occur after Food Not Bombs ends.

Microphone demos are commonplace in Greece and other places. They occur when comrades come together to spread information in an interruptive fashion about a particular issue. The comrades meet in an area with heavy foot traffic with banners and leaflets and read communiques, open letters, and statements out loud.

Please brings signs, banners, chalk, relevant communications and texts, and whatever else you find appropriate. This type of demonstration could be interesting for new people to plug into so invite anyone.


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