America's Not So Secret Drone War, Madea Benjamin Speaks In Atlanta


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A new form of warfare is creeping into skies around the world. From Pakistan to Yemen, from Somalia to the Southern Boarder, the United States is now using unmanned drones to spy on and often kill people around the planet. But what is the cost of using killer robots in both money and innocent lives? And what domestic and international laws are violated when a country kills people who have committed no crime, and have not been convicted in any court. Anti-War activist Madea Benjamin has researched these drones, who builds them, who operates them, who the targets are, and who orders the attacks. On September 17th, 2012, Ms. Benjamin spoke in Decatur, Ga. about the history, and more importantly, the future, of America's unmanned drones program around the world and here at home. This film runs 67 minutes.