Atlanta Anarchist Assembly Reportback

Anarchists have been holding "General Assemblies" in Atlanta for a year now.  The most recent one happened Saturday, Jan 5th.  The assembly is a public meeting open to anyone who considers themselves an anarchist or interested in anarchism.

This month, reportbacks and announcements were given about various projects and upcoming events:

Jan 20th there will be an herbalism and disaster relief workshop

Feb 20th there will be a 20-hour street medic training

Every other sunday there's a Open Hearts/Icarus Project meeting at 143 Whiteford

A Food Distribution Network is starting to help people share excess food - to join, get in touch with the Teardown

Anarchist Luke was attacked in a queer-bashing, he defended himself by stabbing his attackers, he's in jail for it
There's a meeting about Luke's situation on monday, 7pm at angier house
Today (saturday) 4pm there's a fundraiser for Luke at the Loft
Jan 16th is Luke's next hearing at Fulton County court house at 9am

Jan 18th there will be a benefit show for the radical social center
Jan 12th there will be a meeting at noon at dough bakery to organize an art show benefit for the social center
Jan 19th 7pm at 55 montgomery there's a planning meeting for the social centeri

Jan 26th There's a field trip being organized to to visit an exhibit about africa downtown

There's a library at 4th floor PnP with videos, it could use donations.  Give them to softy or the book exchange.

Tomorrow (sunday) there's the Really Really Free Market and Food Not Bombs and Book Swap at Troy Davis (Woodruff) Park.  This happens on the first sunday of every month at 2pm

Next sunday an anarchist reading group meets at joe's coffee shop to discuss "Desert". For the reading, go to

Someone is available to give anarchist-influenced african/carribean history presentations, space and promotion is needed

Chase bank arrestees have a hearing Feb 8th, would like support in the courtroom


Re: Atlanta Anarchist Assembly Reportback

What time on sunday is reading group for Desert?

Re: Atlanta Anarchist Assembly Reportback

nice notes. the assembly seems to have been great.