Atlanta's Burning 5

From The Black Door

Atlanta’s Burning 5!

We are happy to release the 5th issue of Atlanta’s Burning. As always, feel free to download and print.

This issue came out almost two weeks ago on bright yellow paper. If you got one…that’s special edition.

  1. On the New Year’s Stabbing Incident
  2. From an anonymous leaflet
  3. Banish Chief Turner
  4. Against the Right to Be Racist
  5. Reportback: Anti-Prison Noise Demonstration(s)
  6. Egyptian Black Bloc
  7. Communique: Surveillance Cameras Dismantled

Front (11×17)

Back (11×17)


Re: Atlanta's Burning 5

This is the best one yet!

Re: Atlanta's Burning 5

Posting this here as a comment too just cause you all ran the communique on the surveillance cameras in your newsletter.

Haven't read this one yet though.  I look forward to it!