Atlanta's Burning 6 + Letter from the Editors


April 26, 2013

Atlanta’s Burning Number 6


After nearly 3months, the 6th issue of Atlanta’s Burning is finally out! Please feel free to print and distribute however you please. We are posting this online as a pdf that is able to be printed on 8.5×11 paper, although we print ours on 11×17. To print, simply print on both sides of the page in the order they appear to you on the file.

Here is the file.


  1. Reportback: Egypt Solidarity Demo
  2. Reportback: V-Day Noise Demo
  3. Reportback: Anti-Nuke Demo
  4. Riots in Brooklyn
  5. The Cost of a Hip Downtown
  6. Account from Memphis Antifa Demo
  7. Communique: Attack on CCTV Camera
  8. Anti-Rape Demo


This issue of Atlanta’s Burning is about a month behind schedule, as we are sure some of you have noticed. This project, which began in August of 2012, has featured articles and communiques about contemporary anarchist and anticapitalist struggles here in Atlanta. We hope that this has created a culture of reflection and, to some extent, pride amongst our comrades. We know that, although it was not our original intent per se, this publication has reached the hands of the anarcha-curious and others in the Atlanta area and outside. Thus far, the project has been exciting and fulfilling.

That said, things are changing.

When we began the publication, anarchists and others were nearing the end of a protracted anti-police struggle that grew out of the Occupy movment and a string of “officer involved shootings.” At the time, there was much fragmentation between anarchists. The stress from repreesion coupled with the frustration of the post-occupy doldrums (not to mention interpersonal conflict) had contributed to an environment of infighting and a general lack of communication between cliques. We hoped that the newsletter could serve as a medium to link our struggles in the pursuit of developing some shared perception.

Cliquishness has broken up a bit as each autonomous section of the struggle has begun asserting itself. This has made us much stronger and now, I believe, we are beginning to see the results. This past month, April 2013, has been excitingfor everyone: an anti-police riot in Edgewood Court, a nocturnal attack against a neo-nazi, and a public demonstration against white supremacists. This, in addition to the ongoing projects we have nurtured for some time already.

So why is none of that stuff in this newsletter? The short answer is that it is going to be in the next one (which will be released soon.) The longer answer is that we think it is important for us to reflect, analyze, and build on the momentum leading up to the activity in April. The practices and thoughts reflected in the articles of this issue – almost all of which was written in March – have helped to create the context that allowed anarchists to participate in the unfolding struggles in the ways we have.

Rather than trying to recreate particular events, we should focus on echoing certain melodies, on reproducing the tension of revolt.

From this, all else will follow.




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Best one yet!

Re: Atlanta's Burning 6 + Letter from the Editors

"Bourgeois fool"


Is it ever any other way?

Re: Atlanta's Burning 6 + Letter from the Editors

9:57 is a bourgeoise fool

Re: Atlanta's Burning 6 + Letter from the Editors

These comments are prole as fuck!

Re: Atlanta's Burning 6 + Letter from the Editors

Sevananda had a hand in closing the old food not bombs that used to happen in little 5.

Re: Atlanta's Burning 6 + Letter from the Editors

Comment at 1:06pm was in reply to the questions raised by 12:37pm

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Remember this.

Re: Atlanta's Burning 6 + Letter from the Editors

I know there is a certain strain of anarchist. This strain read Bananno and other authors and is an illegist. I hope these anarchists will strain themselves for Sevananda in this way:

My idea is for these strained anarchists to systematically defraud the WIC/EBT program. Open food stamp card accounts in the name of dead anarchists! This is illegal. Then use these cards to purchase healthful organics and tinctures from Sevananda. In this way these strains can work to keep a horizontal workplace working away under worker authority and be illegal at the same time. This effort is horizontal (long ways instead of up to down).

Who is with us?

Re: Atlanta's Burning 6 + Letter from the Editors

"Well, Sevananda attacks corporate and government targets every day"

What the fuck are you talking about? When they order massive amounts of shit from transnationals who have rebranded and decided to have a line of organic products? When they employ pigs to watch the front doors and keep the homeless as far away as possible? They help corporations meet their "targets" and help government "targets" stay employed by harassing the homeless. What was this attack you were talking about?

Re: Atlanta's Burning 6 + Letter from the Editors

Great idea!  Someone should attack sevenanda so there'd be a reason to mention it in an anarchist newsletter.

Re: Atlanta's Burning 6 + Letter from the Editors

I am distressed that the editors did not see fit to mention Sevananda in their letter from the editors. I have noticed that this publication sees fit to priveledge republishing communiques of attacks on corporate or government targets. Well, Sevananda attacks corporate and government targets every day it is remains open and providing our communities with fresh oranic foods and tinctures. Please consider this and join us in fighting to save an historic co-op.