Blatant Abuse of Power


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Good Afternoon:


I am here today to demand an immediate investigation into Metro Mall LLC and the many unjust practices in which they engage. They employed Mr. Darien Long as the On-Site Manager, but every since, he has become a vigilante pursuing his own flawed concepts of justice and using his immensely powerful position to retaliate against law-abiding citizens and wage war against black minorities who he alleges to be drug dealers. Furthermore, Metro Mall seems to be doing business under another name now and refuse to share any specific information regarding who owns the property or even the property management company itself.

In his current capacity, he was only employed to manage the floundering mall and oversee its employees. It must be mentioned that he wears a security uniform and acts like a police. His repeated failures of not promptly reporting crimes to the police, don't allow them to sufficiently respond in a timely manner to prevent crime. 

Since Mr. Long is a mall manager, not a security or police officer, he lacks the critical skills necessary to deal with the public or make sound judgment in split-second decisions; which will continue to expose both him and whatever property management company that hired him, to immense civil and criminal liability.

Like his predecessor George Zimmerman, Mr. Long continues to engage in conduct that's detrimental to the general public. Instead of calling 911 and to have police officers immediately respond to his location to provide the appropriate written paperwork by issuing criminal trespass warnings/arrests, conduct drug related investigations, prevent loitering or any other possible criminal activity, he doesn't.

He feels as if this somehow gives him the right to be an army of one and handle each situation that he encounters alone. In each uploaded YouTube video, his response remains the same. By not being properly trained to act in the aggressive manner in which he does, he preselects his weapon of choice in advance; uses hate speech and fighting words to provoke the other person(s) to respond violently, in an attempt to justify his unnecessary use of force.

Due to Mr. Long overstepping the scope of his employment, each video seems to show a pattern of behavior where he is observed acting improperly, by not De-Escalating the situation. Time after time again, he allows each situation to become worse and by him not calling the police during the most incipient stages of a potentially violent encounter, he loses control of the situation, more people become involved and place him in even greater danger of being violently attacked or even killed.

Mr. Long is an employee who takes a taser, 2 firearms, 2 asp batons and 2 sets of handcuffs into his workplace on a daily basis, with the intent to enforce the law. He's impersonating a police officer, is known to blatantly violate the civil rights' of the black males in whom he alleges to be drug dealers and has used such threats that he would take them “into custody” if they came back on his property. What constitutes a valid criminal trespass warning and how long is it in effect for?

Though his actions are ruthless and cut-throat, we have observed this type of vigilante style of justice before.  I am demanding a second-look into the Metro Mall taser incident and subsequent video postings, the way that the property management conducts their business and the quality of training that makes Mr. Long uniquely qualified to perform the essential functions of his job. Does he have a blue card and has he received the state mandated 24 hour course?

Below, these are videos in which Mr. Long uploaded to YouTube and he felt would cast him performing his job duties in the most favorable light. He has a contract to provide management services to the flea market, through the property management company. However, he’s essentially providing critical security services and interacting with the public in a capacity that far exceeds both the scope of his employment and the training in which he has received.













Re: Blatant Abuse of Power

Correction. There is mounting evidence against asingle actionany the end of his career. That doesn't invalidate his prior actions. And once again you bring up his old criminal history. Yawn yawn fucking yawn. Do you ever get tired of being told that it has no bearing on his current actions. A man's past should not define him as you would have us believe. Or perhaps you are too mentally inept to grasp the concept? You can bring up what he was arrested for over and ove, but I can easily refute you each and every time. I was just going to let this article go after he was arrested because I k ew you'd seek to invalidate him with it, and understandably so. However, I could not pass up the fact that you had been so STUPID as to once again post his past and call that evidence.


However, I no longer have time to spend on a mentally inept Google-lawyer who chooses to spin things that he doesn't even understand. Such as the constitution. Watching you trying to argue your casebasses on a prior criminal history had been a fun little joke for a while now and warching you flounder in the subject of law has been entertaining. But I have grown tired of arguing with an Ill-educated and Ill-philosophies child. Good day.

Re: Blatant Abuse of Power

Mr. Spin Doctor, I guess the FACTS and recent arrest of Mr. Darien Long speaks volumes. To his defense, he has been charged previously with assault, 2 weapons possession charges and driving with a suspended license. All of which, show and demonstrate a blatant disregard for the law.

In his fifth-arrest, Mr. Long was arrested for battery on a mall patron after he informed Atlanta Police of the gentleman's criminal tresspass violation, but could not produce the evidence necessary to support his claim. He was then jailed and the other person was free to leave the scene without being arrested.

You can continue to defend this criminal if you like, but there is  mounting evidence that disproves your position and casts Mr. Long in a different, more negative light.

Re: Blatant Abuse of Power

First of all, disorderly conduct does not fly, seeing as how this is a NON-PUBLIC BUILDING THAT MR. LONG HAS BEEN PUT IN CHARGE OF. You seem to be failing to grasp that concept. Your grasping at straws instead. Disorderly and even violent conduct is justifiable to remove TRESPASSERS which everybody in one in these videos CLEARLY IS. As for the subduance of the reporter, attacking from behind is perfectly justifiable in this instance as the lady already showed her willingness to attack him with bodily fluids, which in some states is now considered "Assault with a deadly weapon." this method gave her little opportunity to do so again.

As for his doctrine of confronting criminals, once again, it is what is NECESSARY. Criminals are able to act with impunity when around people who will rely solely on the police and their response times.The only way to effectively keep them at bay in these environments is to confront them. If not as a community, then at least on an individual level. The police are incapable of retaking a neighborhood from criminal activity on their own. The community must show that criminals are not welcome. But i wouldnt expect someone who spends his time defending disrespectful and disruptive criminals to understand.

As for the "impersonating a public officer" i dont think you could have made me laugh harder if you tried. Do tell, does wearing tactical and self defense gear make you an impersonator? Dear god! What ever will tactical sim paintballing establishments to now??? Your are really showing your ineptness at google-lawyering.

As far as his arrest record goes, you seem to not be capable of letting that go, despite me pointing out to you what a red herring it is.




Re: Blatant Abuse of Power

In a local interview with WSB-TV news reporter, Amy Napier Viteri, Mr. Long can be clearly seen on video camera attacking Ms. Debra Dunbar from behind and using his taser to retaliate against her. Though she had spit on him moments earlier, she turned her back, had walked away and posed no threat of harm towards him nor a third-party, as she was on the outside of Metro Mall's main entrance doors. Mr. Long ran through the doors angrily, failed to call the police on-camera and intentionally took the law into his own hands by using his taser to exact revenge against her, though no use of force was necessary. Ms. Dunbar was the only-person arrested and passionately argues that they both should have been charged and arrested accordingly.

As per the O.C.G.A, these are some of the laws in which Mr. Long violates during each encounter in which he becomes involved.

O.C.G.A. 16-11-39 (2010)

16-11-39. Disorderly conduct

(a) A person commits the offense of disorderly conduct when such person commits any of the following:

(1) Acts in a violent or tumultuous manner toward another person whereby such person is placed in reasonable fear of the safety of such person's life, limb, or health;

(2) Acts in a violent or tumultuous manner toward another person whereby the property of such person is placed in danger of being damaged or destroyed;

(3) Without provocation, uses to or of another person in such other person's presence, opprobrious or abusive words which by their very utterance tend to incite to an immediate breach of the peace, that is to say, words which as a matter of common knowledge and under ordinary circumstances will, when used to or of another person in such other person's presence, naturally tend to provoke violent resentment, that is, words commonly called "fighting words"; or

(4) Without provocation, uses obscene and vulgar or profane language in the presence of or by telephone to a person under the age of 14 years which threatens an immediate breach of the peace.

(b) Any person who commits the offense of disorderly conduct shall be guilty of a misdemeanor.

O.C.G.A. 16-5-25 (2010)
16-5-25. Opprobrious or abusive language as justification for simple assault or simple battery

A person charged with the offense of simple assault or simple battery may introduce in evidence any opprobrious or abusive language used by the person against whom force was threatened or used; and the trier of facts may, in its discretion, find that the words used were justification for simple assault or simple battery.

I just wanted to share the fact that the language, in which Mr. Long uses, makes him culprit of a criminal act. Absent of such language and other overt acts, he can't justify the other party being arrested. If no one is arrested, then he can't clean up downtown Atlanta, which also EXCEEDS the scope of his employment. His exact words are, "He runs this BITCH".

He also has a video that supports his doctrine of "CONFRONTING INDIVIDUALS, CREATING VIOLENCE AND USING WEAPONS TO JUSTIFY ARRESTS". You can find it here:

The Atlanta Police have already warned him TOO MANY TIMES not to act in the reckless manner in which he does. However, he doesn't listen and there are currently no consequences for his blatant disregard for the law. Mr. Long has been arrested four-times and has served 80 days of confinement in jail for various traffic offenses. Also, there is a new video where Mr. Long advocates his desire to "SHOOT AND KILL ANOTHER HUMAN LIFE". You can watch it here:

Lastly, I have attached a few more apparent criminal violations in which Mr. Long seems to freely engage without impunity.

O.C.G.A. 16-10-26 (2010)
16-10-26. False report of a crime

O.C.G.A. 16-4-8 (2010)
16-4-8. Conspiracy to commit a crime

O.C.G.A. 16-10-23 (2010)
16-10-23. Impersonating a public officer or employee



Re: Blatant Abuse of Power

I would also like to point out your use of the term "passive" and "non-aggressive." I have a bone to pick with these. More often than not, as you can clearly see from the videos many of Darien's "victims" as you would portray them threaten him whilst being told to leave. No matter how subtle or light the threat, it is still an attempt at intimidation, which means that they are immediately giving up the title of "non-aggressive." As for your "passive" claim. Anyone "passively" being uncooperative in Darien's requests to leave are at that point TRESPASSING and are at that point in fact in the middle of a criminal act.

Also I would submit that your remarks about Darien's past history are simply childish mudslinging. Regardless of how his past may paint him, it does not somehow remove justification from his actions. Or are we going to just come out and say "Once a criminal always a criminal" just applies to everyone?

Re: Blatant Abuse of Power

Ah, hello again. I'm so glad that I checked back in to see your misunderstanding of what is going on. You seem to be under the very sadly mistaken impression that "escalation" is illegal. Firstly, it is not. Secondly, his use of "violence" as you would call it, because you know, tasing a woman who is pummeling you or shoving a guy because he refuses to leave, is perfectly legal and more often than not justified. He is in fact entitled by his job title of "on-site manager" to forcibly remove bad elements who "passively" and "non-aggressively" refuse to leave. It does not matter whether or not they are in fact criminals, again, due to the abilities of his title. This is not public property. It is up to him and the owning entity who gets to stay on the property.
As for your claims that his actions are "asinine," I would suggest to you that many great men have had their actions considered to be asinine. Why let's see, MLK, Lincoln, Presley, Washington...let's just say pretty much every politician, activist, and  I submit to you that perhaps you simply lack the understanding of something I like to call "necessity." Atlanta has refused to properly police the area for a very long time now. Darien is simply doing what is necessary in order to force the local PD's into action.
Allow me to leave you with a little something to help you understand. What is good is not always necessary and what is necessary is not always good. In fact, what is necessary is often times not intelligent. Nor is it always brave. It is not always honorable, and as our founding fathers can tell you, it is not always legal.

However, I'd like to point out once again that Darien has yet to do anything "illegal" in his role at the mall.

Mr. Long's Incompetence, Cowardly & Criminal Tactics

It's funny that you mention the phrase, "SPIN DOCTOR", because the only one that I see is you. I personally published a letter that came straight from the source, Mr. Darien Long himself. It's hard to spin facts, when they keep slapping you in the face. In regards to Mr. Long's personally written manifesto, he makes it very explicit that he confronts individuals in hopes that he would act in such a manner to cause the incident to escalate to the greatest level of violence. He uses this dangerous tactic to increase the response time of police presence, to overtly justify his use of his weapons and to justify the arrest of the other disputant.

Though you may be one of his loyal supporters, like him, you're probably just to cowardly to admit what he does is asanine, baseless and against the law. By using violence against passive and non-compliant individuals, NOT CRIMINALS, he feels as if it is ok to provoke them to violence in order to achieve his goal of cleaning up Downtown Atlanta's Criminal Culture.

As I have stated before, Mr. Long is just as much apart of the downtown criminal culture as anyone else. He's been arrested 4 times and has served 80 days of jail confinement. Furthermore, he's not registered as an armed private security officer with the Georgia Secretary of State's Office, and neither is the business permit of Metro Mall, LLC.

Re: Blatant Abuse of Power

Darien is acting completely within his capacity of management.  The company owning the mall hired Darien because business was PLUMMETING due to the criminal culture that had taken root. Part of management is ensuring that your custodrell have a safe/comfortable environment. While Darien's tactics certainly do the opposite during the time that he is using them, in the long term he iscreeping the scum out, which will indeed bring in more business. Allegations that he is violating civil rights are unfounded and are in fact only brought up by people. Who apparently do not know what a civil right is. We do not have a civil right that says that we can sit on private property in spite of the management'sfrequents that we leave. Is the manager of this piece of property, Darien has the absolute right to kick anyone of the property that he deems necessary....for any reason as long as it does not offend his employer. No ifs ands or buts. Furthermore, when a nuisance decides NOT to leave the premises, Darien is granted the authority to remove them by whatever means necessary. Furthermore, this article mentions Darien's failing to report these incidences in a "timely" manner, not only ignoring the fact that as soon as he turns his back one of these hoodlums would surely attack him, bur also failing to realize that reporting of these incidences is NOT required by law in the state of Georgia. Darien uploads these videos not to cast himself in a positive light, but instead to beat those who would take his actions out of context. This is the Internet, and anyone who is older than 10 knows that people LOVE to take things out of context.

Dont be fooled by the formal language of this article, this was typed up by none other than somebody who's only experience with "civil rights" and lawicons through poorly researched google searches and what pop culture tells him. To the few commenters below who believe this corrupt spin doctor, I feel very sorry for you. Please view Darien's FULL videos.

Re: Blatant Abuse of Power

The situation is untenable; and the City of Atlanta is responsible because they let this go on for so long.

It's not about the Taser incident; it's about the environment that made it necessary. I am so much more aggressive in this environment because the environment will not allow me to be polite and maintain.

I use escalation as a tactic; the APD can overlook victimless crimes, but cannot overlook violence. The shooting at the Underground in December 2012 did not have to happen. The individual was known by APD to sell Marijuana, fake Marijuana and rob people. If he did not feel free to operate in this area he would not be in this area and in my opinion be alive today.

It has come to my attention that the City of Atlanta has purposed that some of the businesses and residences in the community get private police; citing that it is prohibitively expensive to increase police presence. Interesting; is the city of Atlanta so poorly managed that it cannot remove drug dealers, con artist and the like from an area directly adjacent to the admistrative district for the city and the county? Has APD investigated the effectiveness of the personnel in place? Is it enough or are more needed and if so, how many. It is my understanding that we were promised 20 more officers in the area and then that changed to 10; and finally get your own, it cost too much. This is downtown Atlanta; businesses and residents should not foot the bill to clean up the door step of the admin. district. Why is that I believe that I now have to escalate situations to confrontations to increase the chance of a violent incident in order to achieve the goal of more police presence? I thought I was done having to have to do that.

It is not as if it’s different people; it’s the same people causing the same problems; loitering for the purposes of selling drugs, gambling and selling stolen merchandise. There is a community of criminals from different parts of the city and metro area who come down here for the sole purpose of committing crimes; quality of life crimes, robberies and more.

I have been advised by acquaintances to go for the money; in essence to sellout. I am not opposed to a reality show, but his is not entertainment. If I get what I want, there won’t be enough incidences to make a show. It’s not about the donations people. The change must occur; I am not doing this for the money. I am not supposed to be world famous, they are. Finally; if it is worth fighting for, It’s worth dying for. I am always concerned about by life, but no so much that I won’t act. Polite conversation does not achieve the desired result; you will just go around in circles and end up in the same place you started. Nowhere.

I apologize to the gay community for the use of the faggot in the following video it was unnecessary and unwarranted.

After incident report: same people remain on the block, loitering for the purpose of selling drugs.
-- Darien Long


Re: Blatant Abuse of Power

False dichotomy?


Ironic that the people who he is throwing out are frequently casting racist and homophobic slurs at him.

"You're gay!"


I don't know... The cop is a vigilante asshole who escalates the problems, but the people he is throwing out are pretty fucking trashy too...

Which is worse? Violent homophobes who are trying to beat someone for being gay or the cops that throw them out?


Is this the same guy from the video gone viral a few weeks back who tased that woman in front of her children?


after watching the vids I really hope this dude gets killed or at least beaten into a coma.  Some people need to be taught that there are consequences for treating others this way.


Mr. Darien Long is a criminal who has been arrested four-times and has served a combined 80 days of incarceration for various traffic violations, ranging from speeding to driving with no insurance.

Though no one is perfect, Mr. Long just continues to act reckless and with a willful disregard for Constitutionally protected rights and continues to intentionally victimize minorities. With the overwhelming disparity affecting people of color as it relates to our broken criminal justice system and prison industrial complex, I would not expect for another black man to ENGAGE IN THE SAME HARMFUL CONDUCT.

People have rights, but he continues to repeatedly violate them because he feels as if he can get away with it. However, history has proven that the will of the people, those brave AND COURAGEOUS AMERICAN SOULS that have tirelessly fought against such overt injustices and won.