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On the weekend of Black Friday, a group of three people emptied a calendar stand of its entire stock of sexist and objectifying products.  

Every day on the way to work, we had to walk by this kiosk.  Each passing encounter forced a specific sexuality and beauty standard upon us, and we couldn't take it anymore.  We were sick of being told that our worth is equivalent to what aesthetic pleasure our bodies can afford someone else (typically a man).   

If your environment disturbs you, disturb it.
Or even better, disturb it with your friends.  Together, we formulated a plan and decided upon roles that we were all comfortable with: the distraction, the bagger, and the lookout.  The area was scoped out beforehand for cameras, number of employees, and general foot traffic, and escape routes were elaborated.  We created placards with anti-sexist rhetoric to replace the calendars, being cautious to touch them only with gloves on.  

The distraction pretended to shop until the other two entered separately, and then began to engage the sole employee in conversation.  The bagger stashed the product in a trash bag, while the lookout stood beside watching for passersby and police.  After the product had been replaced with the placards, the bagger took the trash out through a side door, appearing as a mall employee.  Once sure the bagger hadn't been followed, the lookout exited and headed to the meetup spot.  The distraction ended the conversation with the employee and walked away without incident.  We all left laughing.

It's been nearly a week, and the kiosk has been unable to restock its lost product.  The shelves that once displayed women now hold golf courses and racecars.  We smile every time we walk to work.

A big part of any action is strengthening bonds of trust with those whom you already know and love.  We invite you to disturb your own environments, with these suggestions:
- Always use gloves for everything you handle (no fingerprints)
- Make sure you have enough bags/baggers (we had to make several trips, and the employee at your kiosk may not be so inattentive)
- Wear a very different change of clothes underneath your outfit--if followed, you can hide and remove the outer clothing.
- Wear something to obscure your face from cameras and passersby (if a hat, look down at the ground while passing a camera)


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The woman who ran the calandar shop expressed smypathy with the action, but asked that the activists please return the items, even if they were defaced or damaged beyond use, so that she can get her deposit back. I hope somebody did this, it is a resonable request. 

Working at the mall sucks, even operating the little kiosks sucks. There really isn't much money in it, and we all know that everyone is having a hard time making ends meet these days. There is no reason to make things worse for someone in that position, especially if the action is already accomplished.

Also, considering the clerk's sympathetic views, maybe it would have interesting to see what she would have said/done if the activists had first asked her to remove the calandars from view before stealing them.

I'm 100% in favor of attacks on prvate property and patriarchy, but it isn't wise to neglect oppertunities for education and building solidarity among women.

If you asked her, and she told you to fuck off, then of course, by all means, please steal the calandars.


This action is brilliant. It violated the principles of private property at such a base level which is why so many people are furious.


Most actions are unable to produce so much rippling frustration among the general population. That should be remembered. I assume there is also a larger percentage of young femmes who are touched by this action then if some other tactic had been chosen.

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@ 9:36, this post is duplicated from a christian anarchist ( website. that's why they've been labeled as such.

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What's with the freedom of speech arguments?  Not everyone buys into or believes in that crap.  What's with the assumptions that everyone who posts or reads atlanta indymedia accepts typical liberal / enlightenment social values?


It doesnt say it here I don't believe (don't remember if it was mentioned) but I've read other reports that label the people who did this as "anarchists".  Generally speaking, freedom of speech and anarchism are completely at odds. (Fuck off democrats, it's the truth)

"Freedom of speech" arguments are in every way shape and form liberal in character And only make sense in a top down, statist context. (as with all rights based narratives.)

the liberal myth is basically one with a strong central states that exists to ensure specific delineated rights aren't violated and to mediate conflict. (If you buy this myth, first of all, you're a god damn dumb ass, but you'd be wrong to assume others fall for it as well)

It's useless wind-baggery though.  Using freedom of speech as a criticism toward anarchists (or anyone attacking their oppressors) is like arguing that something is wrong because god said so to an atheist.

The truth is Speech is social.  There is no such thing as "free" speech as speech always has concequences. That is, our positions, social rolls, subjectivities, etc are all reproduced socially and speech plays a major part in that.  In the case of slurs, and images such as these which flood the day to day spectacle, they serve to reinforce the targets subjugation to a specific social position. (Esp those positions of subordination)  It strips them of their agency in realizing an authentic and free self.  when speech fails to reproduce the current social arrangement there's violence - rape, jail cells, cops, assaults, murder and much more to back it up.


As someone who identifies with anarchy, I see no contradiction fully supportIMF those who attack others who would take a position of domination over them.  That attack can be as ugly as it needs to be.  You can call it censorship all you want But those who struggle aren't obligated to struggle according to your values.

the state can grant fascists, rapists, and authoritarians certain rights but they will never guarantee their safety when the concequences of their speech (or any other act that serves to build their power at the expense of others) comes back to bight them in the throat. 

All I'm reading from these criticisms is a bullshit demand to remain civil and nice.  To think about the poor business owners feelings and personal needs at the expense of compromising the activity these people felt was necessary to free their lives from the baggage this society puts on them.

Boohoo i guess?

The demand that everyone has to be fucking nice to each other is thoroughly middle class and not at all radical.  Maybe y'all need to wake up to the fact that the world isn't as pretty, comfortable, or nice as you assume it to be from behind a keyboard and struggle never ends up looking like a polite fucking conversation. Shit, it's the reason I don't come around anymore.  Anarchy isn't about patting people on the head.

these criticims are pretty weak and thats beside the point that if these were actually rad fems then there's a hell of a lot of damning criticisms and things that can be said about that but that's not what I got from reading this.

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Despite being a feminist myself, you're fucking retarded.


this is why society hates the feminist movement and this kind of radical bullshit helps no one.


go fuck yourself with a cactus.

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As a woman, I found what you did disgusting and ignorant. I truly hope you get caught and pay for what you did to the store owner and employees. I'm all for free speech and equal treatment and perception in society but all you did was reduce yourselves to the level of bratty kids. Please.just.stop.

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Property is theft! destroy the patriarchy, destroy capitalism!

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This is amazing! I'm so excited to read about some people fighting the narratives put out by these mega corporations about women as sexual objects. I really can't believe people are calling this censorsip. THIS IS THE OPPOSITE.This is basically someone raising their voice almost to a shout while 'sports illustrated' is being blasted over a loud speaker. You go Grrlz

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You people are fucking cancer.

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What a charming bunch of oppressors!

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12:16 is a dumb liberal who doesn't get that being attacked for your bullshit doesn't come in the form of a pat on the back.  


So this action created some economic hardship for this small business? (I know how you dumb shit liberals just looooove small businesses and local capitalism) Well, I can't speak for these folks, but I'm pretty sure that's part of the point.


You would have to be dense as a fucking rock to not I see that affecting their bottom line is built into this sort of action.


To act as though women too can't reproduce patriarchy and should be immune to resistance and struggles for liberation is the extra scummy stuff you scrape from the bottom of the toilet bowl called identity politics.


boo hoo.

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Roy only sells the calendars three months out of the year and works on commission. She says the theft has cost her all her profits for this season and likely means she will not be able to give her employees bonuses as the end of the year.

“They’re on consignment, but I’m responsible for them,” she says. “Not only do I sign a security deposit, which now I’ll lose, I’m also responsible for any merchandise that’s missing.”


You should be proud you really taught the woman running the kiosk a lesson. Not only did you hurt a woman run buisnees but you stole from her employees during the holiday season. You should be proud you've ruined their christmas.

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I remember when I was in seventh gradeGrip wow up, you're a bunch of immature losers who can't even look at a calendar without being offended. Get off you self-righteous high horse and kindly go fuck yourselves. Feminism is a joke anymore.

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I think this action was pretty cool.  The objections to it aren't just wrong, they're eye-rollingly dumb.

First: "this is censorship!"  Well, if you define censorship as "any action which makes it more difficult for someone else to express themselves" then yes, it is.  But that definition is meaningless, because it describes almost all actions ever.  The kind of censorship we're against is done by powerful institutions (i.e. governments and multinational corps) because they actually have the power to manipulate society by controlling access to information.  Stealing these magazines doesn't actually threaten to restrict people's access to information or ideas.  In fact, it increases it by representing an under-represented voice.

Second: "boo-hoo, poor store owner".  Being a business owner does not remove your responsibility to act ethically, which means choosing who you do business with carefully. If you choose to do business with sexist douchebags, your business could take a hit.  This is a good lesson for all business owners, and in this case it didn't even cost them that much to learn.

Nobody is going hungry because of the money lost on this action.  But many girls are going hungry because of the beauty standards pushed on them by these magazines.

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You are all disgusting examples of human beings and proof that feminism is a cancer on our society.

I hope you get caught, and jailed for comitting this crime.


We'll see, when you're in a jail cell, how much your enviroment disturbs YOU. You all deserve jail time and are nothing more than petty criminals.

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So impressive, so this is radfem? Stealing calendars from some poor small buisness. Being punk theifs because you dont agreee.

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You're all pretentious, misguided people. Everybody has things that bother them. Everybody has personal standards. 

Censorship, no matter how ostensibly offensive or reprehensible the subject appears to be, is nothing to be lauded. Especially in the form of stealing from a kiosk vendor - what's wrong with you? Of all the stories of theft and crime I've read, this one genuinely bothers me the most, because it's truly pointless. The megacorp that propogates those calendars won't have to foot the bill for this, and even if they did, it's a tiny drop in the bucket for them. The vendor, on the other hand, who may not even care for the material, and just needs the job, is screwed. While the material may be off the shelves in one tiny kiosk, the associated news story is rightfully making your viewpoint look petty and immature. Nobody has gained anything from this; not even you.

Get off your self-righteous high horse, and hope that nobody ever decides to implement this type of thinking while interacting with your posessions.

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Ya pathetic losers. I hope someone steals your shit. 

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Thank you for protecting me from the patriarchy! Where would I be if I didn't have some random feminists telling me what media it was okay to see? Please also do something that tells me what to think, and how to act, and when you're doing it, please make sure that more innocent victims get hurt.

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Those calenders were being sold on consignment. You just forced that poor vender to pay the company that produces them. All you accomplished was paying the people you hate, and destroying a small business owner. You are an awful person, congratulations.

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You are scum. Don't delude yourself into thinking otherwise. When did a movement supposedly about equality turn into censorship and oppression. You are the reason people think feminism is a joke. I don't usually keep a calendar at all, but I'm going to go out and find one with the most scantily clad models I can in protest of your profound and childish ignorance.

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You disturb me.

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you are all horrible people

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I you don't like something about your environment ignore it, don't censor it. You people are self righteous and narcesistic. Grow up! You share the environment with everyone else. Why should we live by your standards? And yes, as a male I enjoy looking at bikini clad women. Get the fuck over it you haters!

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I you don't like something about your environment ignore it, don't censor it. You people are self righteous and narcesistic. Grow up! You share the environment with everyone else. Why should we live by your standards? And yes, as a male I enjoy looking at bikini clad women. Gerather fuck over it you haters!

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as a woman this pisses me off. fucking stupid feminist bullshit. ruining someones 3 month job which is based off of commision is fucked up. these people were selling calendars for christs sake. wish i could go rip your fucking vaginas out of your bodies because you don't deserve to have them or call yourself women with such a stupid mindset. you're not helping the world rid of misogyny or anything else this way, you're only making everything worse.

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So its cool if I rip down hundreds of billboard ads and set fire to other peoples houses because of gaudy lights? What if I take candy from babies cause it'll rot their teeth? I know, I'll take medicine from dying people cause I don't approve of animal medical testing. 

These people are bigots forcibly disturbing people lives and undermining their livelihood to make themselves feel better. They're selfish and unwilling to follow the social contract,  maybe the vendor would put up black plaques to block the view if asked.

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Why should we applaud you for censorship?  You were not forced to do anything.  You CHOSE to oppress your fellow man to enforce your own version of puritanism on others.  

You are just a microcosm if every violent dictator in history who believs s they're viewpoint is so superior as to justify the oppression they meet out on others

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"Very cool but...was this in Atlanta?"

This was in a suburb of Atlanta.

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This just made my week! Thanks times 1000!


Very cool but...was this in Atlanta?

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What a ballsy action! I'm loving it.

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We couldn't get the pictures to upload--here is a link to a website that has a photo: