Collective Resistance

By David Roberts - one of the first 10 original members of the Georgia prison hunger strikers, currently captive in Jackson Prison.

We have now seen it on the news...Atlanta police attacked a man for "asking some questions!?"  They pepper sprayed the man and beat him, then 7 or 8 of them jumped on him and handcuffed him.  Looked exactly like another Rodney King thing to me!

Luckily an unafraid brother had his cell phone handy and videotaped the whole incident.  This happened a couple of weeks ago and hopefully the man's friends have retained a good attorney for him and with the videotape evidence, he should be back out there and waiting for his day in court with a lawsuit pending and some of those that beat him fired!

The citizens of Atlanta are fed up and tired of police brutality!  The police showed back up in that neighborhood harassing folks and trying to gather evidence against the man that they had beaten...and they got run off by rocks and bricks being thrown at them!  This time it wasn't one man by himself who was protesting the police's actions, but some brothers and solid sisters throwing things at the police!  Proof positive that "Collective Resistance" does work!

Don't let this be an isolated resistance effort, my friends!  Keep those cell phones handy and when anyone notices the police being out of line, video tape it!  Demand fair treatment when the bankers try to evict people from their homes and the government raises taxes to pay for elected officials' vacations, etc.  Don't let them force you out!  Resist with some friends and the bankers will back down and come up with another solution besides an eviction!


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