Communique from Atlanta's FTP March - Jan 28th, 2012

On Saturday the 28th of January, we marched against the police. Some shit got vandalized including a MARTA station window and a police station.

Besides the recent string of police murders in Atlanta, we were motivated by a recognition that police accountability is impossible, that police exist only to protect the rich and powerful, that the state refuses to listen to polite or reasonable discourse, and that rage is the only language these pigs understand. Any continuation of racist, sexist, homophobic, or any other oppressive violence from the police will only fan the flames of anti-police sentiments in the city and should be expected to be met with retaliation. 

As more people become targets of the police, resistance to them becomes a matter of survival. Several cities had anti-police uprisings that weekend in solidarity with Oakland including New York, St. Louis, and Seattle. Atlanta is proud to have participated.

It should be made clear that this action was not organized from or sanctioned by Occupy Atlanta. This was an autonomous action.

Fire in our hearts! Fire to the Prisons! For a future without police, we will fight and we will win!

- some participants in the black bloc


Re: Communique from Atlanta's FTP March - Jan 28th, 2012

This communique is fucking awesome!

Full on social war.

Re: Communique from Atlanta's FTP March - Jan 28th, 2012

Hell yeah! More like this! And more sick communiques