Communique for demonstration against eviction of Troy Davis Park 4/11/12

This is to accompany a demonstration against the producers of a show called Necessary Roughness that caused the eviction of the encampment at Troy Davis Park today.  The demonstration is to meet at the corner of Edgewood and Peachtree at 1:00 pm today, April 11. 


On Wednesday, April 11th, around 6am, the Atlanta Police Department evicted an encampment of people from the sidewalk of Troy Davis Park (formerly known as Woodruff Park). These people have been living in tents at the park since October 2011 as part of a demonstration against the corruption and greed that caused the economic crisis and put many of them in their current desperate positions.

On April 9th, the APD had given a two-week deadline for the sidewalk to be cleared and for the occupants to be gone. But on April 10th, APD ordered the occupants to clear out by 7:30 am the next day. APD then chose to defy their own orders and clear the sidewalk at 6 am. The presence of multiple television production trailers for the show Necessary Roughness demonstrates that APD serves only the rich and protects only capital. The police clearly do not protect or serve these longtime park occupants.

The occupants of Troy Davis Park were mostly homeless people with nowhere else to go.  APD stripped them of everything they owned, and put an already vulnerable group of people literally out in the cold with with no help and no prospects. Their things were either thrown away or taken by APD, and they have no feasible way to get their possessions back. This effectively cut off their means of survival.

We will not stand by and watch as this trampling of human rights takes place.


Re: Communique for demonstration against eviction of Troy Davis Park 4/11/12

 Seems to me that the production crew of "nessecary roughness" are due to be targets of our nessecary roughness.