Who does the OCA (Office of Cultural Affairs) Budget Cut, NOT, Effect?

According to the City of Atlanta’s Office of Contract Compliance Mission statement, “the City of Atlanta has found that African American, Female, Hispanic, & Asian American owned businesses have suffered the effects of racial and gender discrimination in both public and private markets resulting in a disproportionate award of contract dollars to non-minority or non-female businesses.” http://www.atlantaga.gov/mayor/off_contractcomp.aspx

 RESEARCH: After reviewing the OCA Fiscal Year 2009-2010 Annual Report I realized that out of 225 public installations, 46 projects along the Beltline, 50 Artists employed at the Chastain Arts Center, 175 works exhibited at the Chastain Arts Gallery, $467,759 in grant funds to local artists & arts organizations from the Contracts For Arts Services, 40 arts works & 12 temporary projects of the Public Arts program, a very miniscule percentage represented Urban events, yet many Art Communities claim the guise of being diverse & cultural. http://ocaatlanta.com/sites/ocaatlanta.com/files/images/OCA%20FY%2010%20Annual%20Report%2C%20FINAL.pdf

HYPOTHESIS: There is an absence of Genuine support for Urban events at Community Arts Centers, as well as their insufficient ability to help monetize the Intangible Assets & Intellectual Properties of Community Artists.

EXPERIMENT: A faint presence of minority Artivists at the Budget Public Hearing on 05/12/2011 reinforced the Office of Contract Compliance’s findings & proved the Hypothesis that "Cuts" won’t effect those who rarely or never get a cut.

ANALYSIS: Therefor, in this course of events it has become necessary for one Art Community to address the biased services which have misled them to another, and to establish for their Collective, a separate and equal Cooperative Mission to which the Laws of Equality and of OpperTUNEty entitle them, a decent respect to the Rights, or rites, of Minority Art requires that we should expose the decoys which impel us to such Reform.

CONCLUSION: Having said that, let me say this is a natural reflex to the disproportionate award of finances to majority/ non-minority Community Arts Organizations in relation to their lack of support for true diversified & cultural events.



Dan the "Mechanik"


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