The Dirty Energy Road Show is coming to Town!

       On Feb. 18th, 1975, 150 people took over the construction site of a nuclear reactor near the village of Wyhl, Germany. Local vine-growers allied with students and other rebels to stop the work in progress. While officials were planning to develop the tri-state area of France, Switzerland, and Germany into an enormous industrial valley, people took their future into their own hands.Due to the uncontrollable resistance of tens of thousands in response to the police brutality that ended the first occupation, the construction plans in Wyhl were completely abandoned by the government in 1983. This success inspired others to successfully resist the construction of other nuclear reactors in that region like Kalkar and Wackersdorf in Germany, Kaiseraugst in Switzerland, and Gerstheim in France, to name a few.
      On Feb. 17th, 2013, 40,000 people converged in D.C. outraged by the Keystone XL Tarsands pipeline, and inspired by by the 5 treesits(some of which lasting a month or more), 45 day multi-person hunger strike, 6 blockades, Multitude of lock-downs and 100+ person swarming of TransCanada's offices and construction sites. (For more info on previous acts of resistance against the tarsands pipeline check this out: ) Compared to blockaders locking down inside the pipeline and reeking havoc in the TransCanada Office, the rally was fairly tame. However, the more liberal sierra club lifting its ban on Direct Action and Civil Disobedience, and people hittin' the streets in the tens of thousands is rather reminiscent of Wyhl in 1975. 
       February 22nd (This Friday!) The Dirty Energy Road Show will be stopping in Atlanta to discuss the parallels between coal, nuclear power, and other forms of destructive energy. Come to Georgia State University, Classroom Building South in Room 208. The building is located at the intersection of Decatur street and Central Avenue. For more info email