Home Liberation 101


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Do you have a home, with heat, food, and indoor plumbing? Maybe you have a fireplace or a special room with a rec center. So many people in America have none of these things, but are trying to find ways to have the most basic housing. Michelene and Reneka are two women in Atlanta who were fed up with being homeless and bouncing between shelters in the city. With the help of Occupy Our Homes Atlanta, and support of a local church and residents in the Pittsburgh neighborhood, these two women and their two kids made history in Atlanta by liberating and moving into an abandoned home. Within days this unused house soon had lights, heat, water, food and toys for the kids all donated by local supporters. But within 6 days, Atlanta Police along with representatives from M&T Bank (the absentee owner) were evicting this family and arresting the women for trespassing. This show is a report on the eviction aftermath. It runs 30 minutes.