I.A. Local 927 Demands Payment in Birmingham


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In August, 2012, Atlanta I.A.T.S.E. Local 927 was hired by Birmingham based American Entertainment Group to work the Labor Day weekend R&B show at Wolf Creek Amphitheatre in Fulton Co. Local 927 is the stagehand union in Atlanta. Three months later the crew that worked the show has yet to be paid, just like other companies that worked this same show. On Monday, December 10th, nine union members drove out to a suburb of Birmingham and went to the home of the promoter who owes them money. Their message: Pay The Union Now! This film covers that visit to Birmingham. It runs 8 minutes.


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This is why I've always had so much respect for IATSE. I was with local 115 before I moved back to Atlanta, solidarity and the fuckers where it hurts.

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Here is their web site. There appears to be two people who work in the company Dee Taver and Deddrick Tacer


The company also works with a PR company based out of texas called ink nior media management (on the website) it might be a good idea to pressure this company to end its ties with AEG.

Also did anyone from the union this about contacting the entainers themselves to pressure AEG?

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It's great to see workers taking matters into their own hands like this.

What's the phone number for the boss man?  People will probably want to call him about this.