Interesting tactic thread

So I'm getting ready to head to court today for a citation I received by an APD officer who followed me around little 5 points for about 15 minutes until he could catch me hanging flyers.

And it occurred to me...

What if I were to organize all of the folks going to pay tickets to plead not guilty to their 'crimes?'

Then it occurred to me again-

What if WE organized ALL of the folks going to court EVERY day to plead not guilty to their 'crimes?' Regardless of what the offense was, whether it was speeding, driving with a headlight out, driving without insurance, possession of marijuana, etc. Get them ALL to plead not guilty. It would back up the system and throw a monkey wrench into the state's money-making machine.

The last time I was in court, I sat in horror as person after person plead 'guilty' to petty offenses, given fines, and dumped boat loads of money to the state. What if they ALL plead not guilty and brought every little BS offense to trial? Fulton County is already backed up months for court cases.

This is a non-violent and progressive tactic that even 'spineless liberals' would support.

Anyone like the idea?



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my experience in fulton county court is that when people plead not guilty for minor offenses that they probably actually comitted in the first place, they are found guilty and punished more harshly.  A $150 citation can end up being $900 quickly--and if you can't pay and have no one who can help you pay, you end up with a 1 year suspended jail sentance until it is paid in full.  Which means if you get in trouble again, you will probably end up in jail for a while.    

And people that beat marta fares and comit other tiny but criminalized acts of survival typically aren't in a position to pay any fines in the first place.  Higher fines, less likely to be able to pay, more likely to end up in a jail cell over some bullshit.

So in short, if you were to do this--asuming people would go along with it which they almost definately wouldn't on any palpable scale, you would likely just wind up getting a lot of poor people put in jail.

So yeah, maybe not a good idea.  If you've been through the court system here you know its already clogged and backed up all to shit--which doesn't hurt the system so much as it means you and everyone else just wait longer to get procesed.  

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Love it ! I have beat a couple of tickets in mylifetime & plead guilty to at least one I should have tried to beat. Five years later I'm sttill paying for that  in hefty insurace rates. In some local courts I have seen, no matter what your defense. they still charge you guilty but you can ask for you case to go to Fulton where at least someone will listen.. There are online sites that will give advice. there is one called NOLO if my memory serves correctly. Dont give up. It's an interesting thought.



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Good luck with that at trafic court...

I've seen this work before in other situations though...

Major summits, for example, when the cops round up dozzens if not hundreds of protesters and they all plan ahead of time to plead not guilty.
It clogs up their process.

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If we could get EVERYONE to do ANYTHING then the war would be won already.

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So this is not a new idea and sure it would "back up the system" but a lot of poor people who can't afford decent attorneys will probably get screwed.