May Day Is Coming to Atlanta

The May Day Coalition, a working group in Atlanta, is proud to announce our plans for May Day--along with how you can get involved.

First, here is our new website:

If you'd like to get involved, please contact or use the contact form on the website. We have a march and a festival at Coan Park planned. If we don't generate enough interest for a large march by next Sunday (the 25th), then we will cancel the march and have only the festival in the park. Both will be permitted, so immigrants, families, and others who may not want to risk arrest are welcome and encouraged to attend.
Some ways that people can help are:
Planning workshops and other events for the festival
Getting and transporting food and water
Musical or theatrical performance
Bringing stuff for the Really Really Free Market
Helping set up film screenings in the park at night
Opening your places up for after-parties the night of May Day
...and more
The next planning meeting is SUNDAY MARCH 25 @ 7PM in the Manuel's Tavern Eagle's Nest. We will provide people with an overview of what we have planned and get people working on specific tasks and projects. Please come prepared to take on responsibility. We're looking forward to the best May Day in Atlanta ever!


Re: May Day Is Coming to Atlanta

 Holy crap!

That website looks awesome!  Can't wait till May first!