Monsanto Protest In Atlanta Sept 17, 2012


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If there is to be a poster child for the "Evil Corporation", it would probably be Monsanto. A leader in genetically modified organisms, Monsanto's long term strategy would seem to be controlling the food supply from seed to plate. But now people are waking up to the consequences of having corporate control of the food chain and what we eat and grow. Both farmers and food buyers are speaking out against Monsanto's practices, and demanding an end to GMO's in the food supply, and at the very least the labeling of products containing GMO's. September 17th, 2012 was the international day of action against Monsanto and GMO's. This film shows part of the Atlanta action lead by the Food Supply Rescue Coalition. It runs 37 minutes.


Re: Monsanto Protest In Atlanta Sept 17, 2012

This came out good Gary.  This is Celestria.  I did talk to someone in Management at Krogers.  He actually walked up to me.  He said they only wanted people to be safe out there.  He also said that he could understand why we were there.  I know his name was Bill (from his tag)..I don't remember last name for sure.  Not to take from what they are doing, but they were the only store that did not call the cops on us.  They did have their own security, but just a few.